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Hatzie update, one eye looks normal! The other is still puffy but I think it looks darker/ less hazy. Just did a water change for him and one for Stormy. Hatzie's Nitrates were at 50! That is the highest I have seen in my tanks. But his ammonia was 0. With no filter? But he does have happy live plants that grow fast. I thought Nitrates were a by-product of an actual filter loaded with beneficial bacteria. ? And since he didn't have a filter I only checked ph and ammonia for him. I have a lot to learn. I try to take care of these precious little lives! I read often about bettas but so much info is confusing or advice is contradictory.
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Originally Posted by Innerbeauty View Post
^perhaps they are going to change the packaging? I've noticed some stores will put things on clearance just for that reason.

How many gallons is Antigua's tank? He has so much room to explore! :D

Love the cartoons!!! he is so funny..... it IS hilarious when they flare, just cause they are soooo tiny.... It's like chihuahuas.... so brave...

Get better soon, Hatzallah!
And mini horses! The smaller they are the more "tough" they have!

Thank you for the well wishes!

Antigua is in a 29 or 30 gallon tank. It was given to us years ago and it has been in our barn unoccupied for a decade. So I am not exactly sure. Antigua loves it though, he is a very busy guy and fast too, being a plakat. He is so spoiled. oh, random cute fact. Next to his floating log is a suction cup with plastic leaves. One leaf is at water level and another leaf an inch below. He sleeps there. He looks absolutely adorable. I call it his "betta sandwich". He looks like he is sleeping between two Ritz crackers. Hehehehe...
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I am going to put Hatzallah back in his real tank soon. I have it all set up and took his heater out of the quarantine and into the glass tank. Now just waiting for the water to reach the correct temperature. So I was looking at my records...on 9-9-15 Hatzie's water was 6.8 ph and I did a 50% water change. Then suddenly his ph was 6.0 (maybe lower! Test doesn't go lower). I checked it from the sink and it was at 6.0. We have well water. We had a lot of rain a few days ago, I am wondering if that caused the fluctuation. And would that in itself cause pop eye? Or enough stress that when I moved the plant his body couldn't fight the bacteria I stirred up? Just been thinkin' a lot about what might have happened. I put some bio-foam from Antigua's filter and used it to baffle the out-flow of Hatzie's filter. So hopefully that will jumpstart a cycle for him.

So Hatzie looks pretty good this morning. One eye has no swelling and is black (his normal eye color) and the other looks *slightly* puffy and *slightly* cloudy. I think he wants to be back home though.

I am sitting next to Simeon's tank and he is staring at me with puppy dog eyes.

The heater still hasn't cut off! The hospital tank is cooling off... I wonder if I am going about this the right way. Well, it is still above 81, I was keeping Hatzie nice and snug.

I am seriously thinking about getting some tank mates for Antigua and Simeon. Simeon needs some entertainment as he isn't good at finding things to do, he tends to glass surf quite a bit. Antigua is always content and busy but he has room for some "friends"-or "frenemies". Antigua is so laid back I don't think he would mind too much. It has to be something that likes warm water. Not really interested in snails and while I like frogs, those African dwarf frogs don't do much for me. I LOVE shrimps but I would worry about them getting injured and now I know my ph is subject to fluctuation. So far I am thinking a few guppies? And some more silk plants. I think the guppies would be easy to rehome if need be.

...still waiting on temperature... Going to get another cup of tea.
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Hatzie is so happy to be home! I would say he is 90% better. I uploaded a picture of him in quarantine but maybe it is too sad to share. He was so pitiful.

Here is a happy one of Simeon! He is so buff looking. Reminds me of a military man.
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Are you ready for this?

I got guppies.

I must say, Simeon doesn't really seem to care. He might chase them like 2 inches, sometimes, but usually he is like, "eh, whatever."

That didn't stop me from using their pictures to make a comic and completely misrepresenting reality with my talking fish. Fiction can be fun.

Part one:

Part two:

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lol love the little comics you do with your bettas. Simeon shouting "Fairies!" is priceless :)

"Animals are reliable, many full of love, true in their affections, predictable in their actions, grateful and loyal." ~Alfred A. Montapert

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Awesome journal!! :) Your tanks and your bettas are so cool!

I love my betta fish; Bubbles the half moon double tail and Belvadeer the half moon double tail!
Animals are such agreeable friends. They ask no questions. They pass no criticisms. - Unknown
I have a YouTube channel, where I make videos with my betta fish!
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Fairies! *giggles* I must get guppies... hehe

I love your journal! :D
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LOL, thank you. :)

I learned today that Antigua absolutely cannot have guppies in with him! Worst field trip ever for poor Lyle and Lemonade! Antigua chased the full blast and Lyle leapt out of the water and Antigua did too! I got them out of there! Back to Simeon! Antigua is TOO FAST, Mr. Plakat! The guppies had the nerve to go into Antigua's bedroom (his suction cup leaves and betta log) and it was on! I was horrified. Then I pouted for a long time. I finally decided I will probably switch tanks. Simeon and guppies will go to the 29 and Antigua to the 20. Antigua throws the biggest fits when his aquarium changes. He will probably lay on the bottom for at least a day, sulking, if move him. I hate to do it...

I checked out a fish store I hadn't been to before and had a great time! It is an independent shop owned and run by a lovely couple. They had so many plants and wood for aquariums. I got a neat sword plant called a Rubin. It has reddish leaves. Also got some anarchis, cobomba and micro sword. I may have spelled those names wrong. It was way better than the fish store I usually go to.

I need to take more pictures of Simeon so I can do part 3!
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Just a little update. :)

Everyone seems to be doing well. The guppies have been here 2 weeks now. Simeon continues to...not care. He even stops and lets them "go first" when they cross paths. Today I got some Omega One "mini pellets" for them to replace the flakes the fish store had. Is it weird I bought fish from an actual fish store but had to buy quality food from PetSmart? The mini pellets seem to be the same as the betta pellets but much smaller- and it comes with a serving spoon. :) So that is good, Simeon can eat the same thing as them now. He didn't like those flakes and they have super itty-bitty mouths and can't eat betta pellets. Everyone agrees, Omega One micro pellets are nom. Nom, nom, nom. They also like frozen brine shrimp and live mosquito larva. I think this winter I will try flightless fruit flies. We like live wiggly food here.

I call the guppies "gummies" because they LOOK like a package of gummy candies, all tiny and brightly colored.

Here are some gummies:

Lyle, light yellow front, grey/lavender back end
Max, bright yellow front, dark blue back
Arthur, ocelot spots?
Goldie, orange and white "goldfish" color

Need to upload a picture of Lemonade and Spotty.
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