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Sam's Life and Betta Buddy Journal

After some debating with myself, I think it's time for my own journal with life updates and updates on all of my Bettas, not just Sebastian. Honestly, the only reason I didn't make one sooner is because I'm horrible with titles for things, so excuse me lame title. x.x I give up on trying to be creative, it's not my strong point.

I have a lot to think about lately. I keep getting myself in trouble for typing my mind for everyone to read, so I'm going to use this as more of a.. preventive measure, I guess would be the best term. It's better to talk about little things when they happen rather than letting them build up until they're a problem, fish related or not. I'll probably be talking to myself for the most part, but that's fine with me. Maybe someone will actually read this and take something good from my inner ramblings.

So, there's my boring intro to my most likely going to be boring journal, enjoy? Or don't, I wouldn't blame you.

Oh! Side note, I'll probably be posting about Sebastian here rather than in his own journal, for anybody still interested in him.
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Check out my journal - SIP to all of the Bettas I've lost
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Let's see. A bit on my Bettas now that I already typed out the intro about me and my ramblings. I have issues focusing while typing.. I go off track a lot. This is going to take forever.. Help me. x.x

No pictures yet, phone data is too slow.

I'll go in order of acquisition.

Merlin, my first boy. He's a EEDeT. I thought he was a HM for the longest time until I finally realized his caudal doesn't hit 180, I felt pretty dumb. He's a ragged curly finned mess, but he's my ragged curly finned mess. He's always mellow, always friendly, and as far as I've seen floating new additions in his tank, not even aggressive towards other Bettas, just curious. He's a multicolor, I guess. He's sort of a steel blue color with mostly white fins with some gray and red.

Topaz, boy number two. Also an EE, but he's actually a HM. Or, he was.. Before he decided to turn himself into a PK. Woo, fin biting. -.- Lazy, lazy, lazy. He was so flare happy and fiesty when I got him. Being in a community tank with Rasboras and Shrimp turned him into this mellow, care free fish. Well, he's not completely care free. All he cares about is food. He has a grumpy face and a gimpy fin, it adds to the little bit of character he has. He's a pastel salamander. His body is pink toned, his head is yellow, and his fins are white and yellow. Also a victim of fin curling before he chewed his fins off.

Azure, secretly my second favorite. Or not so secretly, I've said it on the forums before. They don't know. He's in my current profile picture. Another EEHM, the only one so far to not chew off every bit of his fins and leave himself as a PK. He's also the only one whose fins haven't curled over horribly. This guy is something else. He's flare happy, observant, lady hungry, interactive, curious, aggressive towards everything that moves. He flares at food, he flares at me, he flares at dogs, he flares at his plants, he flares at his filter, everything. Oh, and he has the habit of trying to 'do the business' with people's fingers if they put them in his tank. He was also ID'd as a pastel salamander. He has a weird color to him. His body is almost copper colored with a pineapple look, is the best way I can explain it. But his body is blue in some lights. His fins are white, with some red in them. Although, he can't seem to decide whether he wants his fins to have red in them or not, it keeps changing.

Rajah, my only actual PK, and he's a King. All my HMs aspire to be like him, apparently. Apparently his name is Martin now, by the way. My mother keeps calling him that. I'd say he's one of the more engaging Bettas I have. He's the only one who will actually follow your finger. He's another flare happy one too. He'll hide, and then when you can't find him and you go up to his tank to look for him, he'll slowly creep out, his big ol' beard out, and charge at you. I imagine the Jaws theme playing every time he does that. That should be his theme song. He's a multicolor, wild type coloration. His body is black, and his fins are blue and red.

Apollo, the fish that has no interest in me and apparently never will. He's a DTHM, but he also aspires to be a PK, but he's not quite there yet. He's kind of a weird one. I thought he was sick for a while after getting him, because he just had no interest in anything. Apparently, that's just his personality. He completely ignored me going up to his tank. If he doesn't, then he just stares. He stops what he's doing, and he stares until I leave. Weird fish. It's oddly cute, I'm not sure why. Maybe because he's so different? He's mostly blue, with some red spots in his fins and red ventrals. Not sure what he'd classify as.

Sebastian, my rescue and my favorite. I believe he's a HM, not sure. I am not ashamed to admit that he's my absolute favorite and always will be. I went through hell and back to get him here, and I'm still going through hell to try to fix what PetSmart's neglect did to him over a month later. He has fin rot so bad he doesn't have even half an inch of caudal, and it won't go away! >_< I've tried almost everything I can think of at this point. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with him. He's the sweetest fish, though. It's sad that no one gave him a chance. I always catch him doing these weird cute things. He's always wiggling into places he's not supposed to be and developing some new habit that confuses me. I love watching him, his grumpy face makes me happy. He has almost a cream colored body, and golden fins.

Meeko, or as someone called him, 'Mr. Amazing'. He's another HM, or was. Oh Meeko.. Why must you bite your fins? Your tank is the most heavily planted out of all of them. This one fish made me go against my word that I wouldn't ever divide my 10g. He's another one that's not too interested in interacting with me. He's more of a 'FEED ME' type. With my other fish, me coming near their tank doesn't immediately mean food. To him, that's all I'm there for. His 'Feed me, woman' face is cute, though. He's a.. I don't know. 'Fancy Marble'? His body is blue, and has orange and white splotches on it. His fins are orange and green, with a black band followed by a clear band around them.

I do have one last boy, but he's not here yet. His name is Roman, and he'll probably be here next Monday. I'll post about him then.

Check out my journal - SIP to all of the Bettas I've lost
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Night (morning?) 1 of talking to myself on a forum.

I'm not sure what's causing my sleeping problems, but it's getting to be a bit much. I have no energy lately. I wake up in the morning, I'm up for about 3 hours, and then I suddenly feel so tired I have to sleep. And then instead of taking a nap and waking up in an hour or two, I wake up and look at the time and it's midnight.

Despite the amount that I sleep, people keep commenting on my dark circles and how tired I look. I'm starting to think a doctor's visit is in order, but.. No health insurance.

I think one reason I can never sleep is I'm a light sleeper. Any sound will wake me up. My father snores like a tractor, my mother snores like a dying moose, and one of my dogs snores. I can't sleep through snoring, I have to sleep with headphones on with music playing loud enough to drown them out. I often wake up in the middle of the night because a song is a little louder than the others, or because at the end of the song when nothing is playing, I can hear the snoring.

Then on top of that, every morning whenever my father feels bored with his life, he makes his stupid fat mutt bark for 40 minutes and doesn't stop if I tell him I'm trying to sleep. He keeps doing it until I have a meltdown and I go out there. I don't get it. He's like a child. He needs attention, even if it's negative attention.

Yesterday I asked him to stop nicely. I said I had a headache, which I did, and I really needed to sleep it off. He ignored me, and the second I went back to my room and closed the door, he was making his dog bark again. I went back out and I asked him why he feels the need to do that EVERY MORNING when people are just waking up and there's no need for him to bother his dog and play bird sounds on his phone to make him bark. He said 'Because I feel like it'. Yeah? You feel like it? I'll see if I feel like doing anything for you anymore. You want me to get you water? Nah. Don't feel like it. You want me to annoy my friends to give you a ride to buy cigarettes? Nah. They don't feel like it. You want me to let your stupid dog out? Nah. Do it yourself. Make you food? Nope. This is why he has no friends, and no one wants to do anything for him. Then he has the nerve to whine about not having a job or food when that's his own fault.

Oh, then the cigarette issues I'm caught in the middle of with my parents. I'm too old for this crap. Both of my parents are smokers. My mother manages her habit and doesn't buy them often, one pack lasts her a while. My father smokes an entire pack in half a day. My father has no money, no job, no income. You'd think he'd do the smart thing and invest a little bit of money in that gum that helps get rid of the craving, or he'd call and get free patches from the state, but he doesn't. What he does is he bothers me every day, 4 times a day, to ask my mother for one of her cigarettes. She yells at me like it's my fault, and I'm getting sick of it. Then, another thing he does is he asks my retarded uncle for cigarettes because 'he's having a bad day' when all he does is sleep and eat everything there possibly is all day, and my uncle runs and buys him a pack. Another smart thing he could do is manage his cigarettes my uncle buys him. Smoke a few a day, so the pack lasts at least a week, right? No. He smokes the entire thing in less than half a day and then goes back to bothering my mother for hers. And again, I'm caught in the middle of this, and I get yelled at by both of them for what the other says or does.

Its like I'm the parent, and they're the children. I'm sick of being the middle woman between two adults that are fully capable of handling these things themselves instead of being whiny children about it.

I just want my space back. Dealing with any of this wouldn't be a problem if I had a way to get away from it, and be in my own world. I can't do that, because my mother is in my room 24/7. I can't go for walks because there's no sidewalks here and cars take blind turns going 50mph. I can go outside but that stopped helping after a while. I used to go outside and play fetch with my dogs to get away from these people, but now it's too cold for that and they don't even want to be outside for more than 5 minutes, I've never seen dogs use the bathroom so quickly.

My problems are tiny, but they're still irritating. These little things make the huge dwelling problems that I don't really like to talk about so much bigger. It's like the straw that breaks the camel's back. A bunch of little things piled on top of a few big things that make the big things nearly impossible to cope with, and making me a mental basket case that wants everyone in this house to disappear.

I need therapy.. I miss having friends and people to have a simple conversation with..
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Check out my journal - SIP to all of the Bettas I've lost
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Aww. Life's tough for all of us. We've all been there, done that. Sympathies!

Loving your journal! So glad Roman found a home! :)
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Hang in there! Things get rough for awhile, but then they seem to pick up.

Glad Roman found a home with you :).

"Animals are reliable, many full of love, true in their affections, predictable in their actions, grateful and loyal." ~Alfred A. Montapert

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I love that you started this journal. I love reading the journals on here! I am LA-ZY when it comes to responding and wayyy too lazy to start a journal of my own. I did do my tank log because I have a lot of local friends that I have infected with the fish hobby and now they look to me for advice on caring for fish they would not have if I didn't get them interested. Actually I unloaded some accidental fry on a few as well lol wups.

You have lovely Betta stories started here and I really look forward to reading more, learning more, and pictures!

Thank you for taking the time to share your journey with us!

Edit: Someone had posted about low energy in the Rant Thread can't remember who but one thing to consider is how much electricity is flowing through your house especially your bedroom. Pull the plug on as many things as you can including the cable box and turn your cell off and don't have a PC in your bedroom. Wireless waves, electromagnetic frequencies coming from the poles outside, these things cause sleep problems and anxiety. Google body volt meter and check your bodies frequencies when near electronics. They also sell 50 percent argon mesh silver fabric at Amazon for like 25 bucks, get a strip of it and make a bandana for around your head when you are indoors. Put your electric plugs into a plastic bin and cover it with the fabric, will keep the electric current from those plug ins from circulating in your room. Blocks EMF, works, try wrapping your cell in the fabric no one can call you. They also sell air ionizers called air purifiers but they have no motors or moving parts it just reduces the electronic charge in the air in your room, gets static down and increases oxygen. Costs about 35.00 each room. Folks smoking especially need these:
Also get the plastic electrical outlet plugs you use for child proofing and plug them in wherever the outlet isn't in use. Electricity flows right out of those sockets and through your house believe it or not. Check your pillow cases for zippers, get rid of those, they amp up the static to your head while you are sleeping.

New Hobby To Consider (Google) Earthing, Grounding The Home

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I hope you're able to find your own place soon. It sounds like your parents are taking advantage of you.

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SIP Phil (9/2014-11/15).
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Thank you for your responses, everyone!

Oh, and LittleStar, I was that person with sleeping problems you told about grounding. I did some research on it. Still having sleeping problems. :(

I'm still really bummed, guys. The other day, one of my friends came down here to pick up some pet supplies. My PetSmart is the only store he's been to that stocks fish he likes, so he comes here and I usually hitch a ride with him to PetSmart.

Well, since he killed both of his Bettas, he decided he wanted another one. He killed one by sticking him in an overstocked 20g and exposing him to Ich he recklessly introduced, and then letting him die rather than treat him with the medications I recommended. The other he had for over a year in a less than half gallon container doing water changes every 6 months, and it lived until he stuck it in a 5 gallon with 7 Neon Tetras and it died from presumably stress and the ammonia spike.

So. I was against it. I can't do anything about the fish in his 20g, I've tried telling him and explaining it in 50 different ways and he always says 'They're fine so far', so I gave up. He still keeps adding fish to it despite his stocking levels being around 230% according to AqAdvisor, so I'm done. It doesn't even have proper filtration. He has a 10g filter on a 20g long.. Ugh.

I tried convincing him he doesn't need any more fish to take care of, and his last two Bettas died so he shouldn't get anymore. It was working, until he and I saw the most gorgeous marble HM Betta I've ever seen. Gorgeous huge fins, black and blue marbling, the cutest blue eyes, I was in love. He picks up his cup, and goes to the register, completely ignoring my protests. I tried everything, guys.. I really did. I knew he would die quickly in his care, and I wanted him to have a chance to find a good owner. But, he went home with the fish killer.

Today, he tells me he put him in the 20g and 'He's fine', again, despite my protests.. Maybe 3 hours later, he sends me a picture of him with torn up fins, missing scales, and an eye torn out asking me what to do. An hour later, he died. I'm baffled as to how he could let the fish do that much damage to him without even noticing there was an issue.. How does a Betta lose an eye? I'm so angry..

These things upset me so much.. Why buy something beautiful just to ruin it? Why be so irresponsible with a life? It's not like he doesn't know any better. I try so hard to push him in the right direction with fish, but he swears what he does is fine. I feel so horrible too because I'm the one who got him into Bettas when he saw how many I had. I just don't understand these kind of people.. They're just 3 Bettas among the hundreds of thousands, but these 3 were preventable, and they were closer to me than the rest. I just hate people like this..
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Check out my journal - SIP to all of the Bettas I've lost
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O.M.G. how awful. I would tell him to never ever EVER talk to you about fish ever again and I would not respond to anything he has to say about his fish. Good or bad. Ever. He is not only uncaring with his pet but uncaring with his friend. Don't stand for it.
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I think he's done with Bettas, at least. He got an earful of wrath from me, so he's probably done talking to me in general.

I did my routine water changes, and my planted tank was on today's list. I was clipping off a dead leaf from my Narrow Leaf Java Fern and.. SO MANY BABIES. I started picking off the ones that came off easily, and there's maybe 20.. There's more on the plant still, I left them until they get bigger.

More plants to add to Roman's tank. I'm leaving them floating for however long it'll take for them to get bigger. I think he'll appreciate the floating cover, there wasn't much in terms of floating plants. I hadn't gotten to ordering any Water Wisteria like I wanted to.

Check out my journal - SIP to all of the Bettas I've lost

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