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Rambling about my boys

Rather then keep on rambling in threads I start asking for help I figure I'd ramble here.

My boys are Monet, Pinkerton, and Mercury.

Monet is the oldest of the three, I got him in March from PetSense when my first boy Lucky passed away. He's a blue and red partial draonscale rosetail, with a sweet nature. Unfortunately the past 2 weeks he's been acting lethargic and does not want to eat, for the life of me I can't figure out what might be wrong with him, today he hid in his cave when I went to feed him. Speaking of which I need to do a water change on his tank due to the uneaten food in it. His tank is a 2.5 gal with mainly artificial silk plants and 1 live coin anubia.

Pinkerton I got 5 weeks ago from PetSmart. He's supposed to be a pastel butterfly halfmoon or delta betta but I think he's aiming to be a plakat. He's a feisty guy who insist on leaping for his food despite my efforts to get him to not, he also regularly bites my finger when I feed him LOL. Unfortunately he's a tail biter and so far is winning in the battle to get him to stop. Next up to try is shrinking his tank with some craft mesh and hopefully de-ramshorning some anacharis and putting it in for more cover. If anyone can tell me where I can buy a betta sized cone of shame I'd be eternally grateful!

Mercury I got around 3 days after Pinkerton. I got him from WalMart and he's a copper crowntail that was in a cup labeled veiltail. He was really pale when I got him and I figured people would keep passing him up for prettier fish so I bought him, he's colored up beautifully! He's pretty laid back and loves to swim over and say hello or beg for good. Out of the 3 he's giving me the least amount of trouble health wise.

Here's some pictures of the boys Monet's is from a week ago, and Pinkerton and Mercuy are from today.
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They are lovely<3 Are all of them in the same tank?
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Originally Posted by Aldo View Post
They are lovely<3 Are all of them in the same tank?
Thank you!

They're in different tanks.

Pinkerton is in a 5 gal tank, it's why I'm wondering if he'd do better in a smaller one and stop the fin bitting. Mercury is in a 3 gal tank, and Monet is in a 2.5 gal one.

I've considered swapping tanks again, and putting Pinkerton into the 3 gal and Mercury in the 5 gal, but Mercury is doing excellent where he is and I'd hate for him to also develop a problem.
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All your boys are so pretty. :)

♥Fish momma to: Levi, Spatula, Daria, and Paperclip♥
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A couple days ago I tried floating a piece of craft mesh in Pinkertons tank to see if he'd consider it top cover, I'm not sure if he does or not, but he has decided that it makes a really nice place to blow a bubble nest. I need to do a bit more research about how to do an Alum dip on plants and if anacharis will survive a dip. If will then I'll be able to move some of the anacharis from Mercury's tank into Pinkerton's. Which should hopefully solve the top cover problem.

For the past few days I've left the light off in Monet's tank, that seems to help a bit with his hiding, but unfortunately he's still very lethargic, and while he's eating a bit more he's still not eating like he used to. I really wish I knew what was wrong with him, no external problems that I can see, just the lethargy and lack of appetite. Once again I tested the ammonia and nitrite levels and both are fine.

Mercury is as cute and active as every. He's such a sweet boy and loves to come to the side of the tank to see what I"m up to.
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Water change day, aka fiddle with the tanks day, and I'm a day late doing it.

In addition to the water changes Pinkerton had his craft mesh removed, looks like the thrill was gone with it as no additional bubble nest were built. I floated some fake plants in the tank. I still need to get the anacharis ready, just been really tired lately and haven't wanted to fool with it. At the rate I'm going I'm lucky I got myself to do the water change. Pinkerton's tail is no better but no worse lately, and I'm still dosing with the Stress Guard. He's such a busy body and had to check out everything I did with the tank. Here's hoping he approved!

Mercury got a new Aquatop IF-201 Internal Filter, I'm not sure if I like it as it's loud due to the spray bar. I'm thinking about submersing the spray bar and seeing if that helps. The illustration shows the spray bar above the water but I'm not sure if that's necessary or not. The box, in numerous places says it has an adjustable flow rate but I think I'm either blind or they lie. I see no way to adjust the flow rate and the instructions says the adjustable flow rate is on the 203 and 204 series.... Mercury seems to find it a fun filter and looks to enjoy swimming under the spray bar and having it push him to the bottom. I watched for awhile to make sure he could get out of the corners around it (Spray bar is facing the tank wall).

Monet continues to concern me. He's still lethargic, spends most of his day either hiding or hanging around the bottom, and while he now comes up to be fed he looses interest fast. At least he's no worse, and is a bit better so I'll count that as a plus.
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The aquarium sealant finally got here, alright it got here around 4 or 5 days ago, so when I did a water change on Mercury's tank I pulled out his bridge so I could officially block the holes in it's railing, I glued them to the outside and it doesn't look to bad, I'll post some pictures in a couple days when I put it back in the tank. Mercury's doing great but I do believe the brat is still eating the antenna off the ramshorns.

Pinkerton is as feisty as ever, we've started a new game where he chases my finger around the tank then I chase him. He seems to enjoy the interaction. I also discovered that he'd rather chase his food as it falls to the bottom of the tank rather then pick it up off of his betta leaf. Discovered that one when the suction cup on the leaf decided to stop working. I think that maybe he's stopped biting his tail but it might be wishful thinking on my part.

Monet continues to worry me, while he's out and about more his tail really seems to be dragging him down, when he goes to the top and stops swimming he's nearly vertical in the tank. He's also barely eating poor boy. The more I think about it the more I wonder if he picked up a parasite from Sunny my old betta. I suspect that Sunny had parasites and the tank was Sunny's before I switched his and Monet's tank. While the tank he passed away in had been treated with General Cure I never did treat his old tank. Tonight after I did a water change on Monet's tank I put in 1/8 tsp of Prazipro. Hopefully it'll help and won't hurt.
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Yet another water change, yet another one done 3 days late. Ugh, I can't seem to hit the week mark no matter how hard I try. I do believe I'm going to start doing water changes every 4 days, then maybe I'll actually do them once a week.

On to updates about the boys.

Mercury is such a sweet boy but seems to be on the shy side. He'll run and hide if something startles him whereas Pinkerton comes to see what might have happened (unless it's really scary) and Monet just does not seem to care. Tonight he got his bridge back and he seemed happy with it, swimming around it and exploring underneath. I'm going to post some before and after pictures to show how the bridge turned out.

Pinkerton is seems happier now that I've been interacting with him more, he's biting his tail a bit less and I can see some new growth coming in. I need to get some new pictures of him to see how much better it is. He's built two bubble nest this past week so hopefully I'm right and he's a bit more content (he's not built one in all the time I've had him) although I do know that sick / dying betta will still build nest.

Monet, ahh my problem betta LOL. Appetite and energy wise he's about the same as he was last week. I used Tetra water conditioner for the water change, normally I use Prime, and redosed the PraziPro so I'll be seeing if that helps. The reason for the Tetra is that the manufacturer of PraziPro says it's best to not use Prime as it makes the medicine less effective. I turned a tank light on the tank, I've been keeping it off to lessen stress, and noticed that his fins are getting really tattered, I'm not sure if he's ripping them laying against the intake of the filter or if he's started biting after all this time. I covered the intake with fish net on the chance that it's the former and not the later.
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Well Monet seems more active this morning and is staying at the top of his tank like he used to, is a bit more interactive when he spots me, and was more eager for hes breakfast then he has been in awhile. He ate more and didn't spit out the food, but still didn't eat as much as he used to. Overall though he's doing better then he has in a month or two.

If anyone decides to try PraziPro don't use Prime when you do a water change before adding it to the tank, I did it both way. The first time, 10 days ago, with Prime, and yesterday with a different conditioner, and not using Prime seems to have helped. The first time I honestly forgot to switch conditioners, and didn't remember until after I had dosed the tank, so I just let it be rather then having to run carbon which I don't have on hand, or doing a 100% water change, and stressing Monet out by removing him from the tank.

Hikari (maker of Prazipro) does not recommend using it with Prime, but the only reason I can find is that they both contain reducing agents. I'll have to call them to see why they are saying to not combine them.
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Whelp, that didn't work out like I though it would!

I've been looking into getting some other small fish to put in with Pinkerton and keep him occupied. Well yesterday I finally got to PetSmart and picked the boys up a new container of food, and I went and looked at the fish. The tanks at that PetSmart look great, crystal clear water, no algae, and the fish all look very healthy. I knew better then to get any tetra since I couldn't remember which were docile enough to go with a betta. Then I spotted some danio and though they would be great. I remembered reading that they could be housed with betta, and the tank requirements on the description of the fish indicated that they could be housed in my 5 gal tank. I knew that they were schooling fish so I bought 6 of them. I got them home and decided to look them up.......

I have come to realize that whomever said a little knowledge is dangerous, is correct. You see I have now learned that there are different types of danio and the zebra danio, the ones I bought, are extremely active, should be housed in a 20 gal tank, are likely to nip the fins of a betta, and are a bit to active for a bettas liking.... Some said that they had success keeping them with a betta, Pinkerton is an active little busy body so my brain went..."Try it!" Into the tank the insane fish posse went.

Pinkerton was very interested in his new tank mates and spent some time trying to chase them, but had no overt acts of aggression like flaring so after an hour I decided it would likely be alright and went off to join my friends for our Fri night game night. I got home 2AM and with the wisdom known to the over tired decided to research 10 gal tanks, and metal storage shelves to put it on, because I figured with more space would make everyone happy. I called it quits at 3:30 AM and noticed that Pinkerson was hiding behind the Ammonia Alert, something he's never done, so I abruptly with the wisdom know only to the exhausted set up my spare 2.5 gal tank. Did anyone else know that you can set up a tank in 10 min when you have to? Then proceeded to try and catch Zebra Danio, and get them into the newly set up tank..... Yeah that's easier said then done.... Zebra Danio are like a bunch of hornets amped up on Red Bull and 5 Hour Energy..... It took my around 45 min to catch 4 of them, at which point I gave up. So 4 are in the 2.5 gal, 2 are still in the 5 gal.

I feel sick today, sore throat, exhaustion, and headache will do that. I still have 2 Danio to try and net, a filter to put on the 2.5 gal, a neighbor to contact to see if she want to own the insane fish posse, and no energy to accompish any of it.

Folks learn from my mistakes, thoroughly research the exact type of fish you think you might want to get, and if you have any doubt do not, repeat, do not, put the fish in your tank if they are extremely active ones like the Danio are because they are a pain in the neck to get back out again!
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