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Loving it.

Am very amused by the antics of Cracker (as in prawn cracker). I have 4 shrimp in my 80 litre tank, and 4 snails, but only one of the shrimp is an adrenalin junky. He (she?) has the brightest colour, so I know it is the same shrimp for every adventure.

One day he was hanging out inside the floating betta log.
Yeah, I know. How silly is that?
(I've got some pics, so will post them in my pic thread)

Next day he was upside down hanging off the underside of the floating lettuce

Day 3 we had an Algae Scraper Drama

None of the others do anything other than hang out and comb for snacks. But Cracker... well, what next?
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70litre tank: mature setup; betta, purple rasboras, male guppies, amano and wood shrimp. Heavily planted.
22litre cube tank: (Tagawa); betta, yellow dwarf shrimp. Pond snails and 1 assassin. Heavily planted.
Midnight in the 57litre tank (Midnight) ember tetras, 1 amano, 1 ghost, 1 nerite, pond snails, 1 assassin, doing his thing. Heavily planted.
200litre tank; honey gourami, cherry barbs, green neons, otocinclus, nerites, pond snails, amano. Heavily planted.
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Oh yeah, shrimps are funny little critters! I love keeping them so much I've decided to start a dedicated shrimp tank in my study in the spring :)
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I'm bad about regular updates

See, the tiny little things that I find exciting and cool feel waayyyy too small and inconsequential to post on here :( I literally spend at least an hour a day just straight up staring into the tank watching the shrimps and snails and crayfish and Neo... I think I've actually seen the plants growing while I watched.... really.

I'm the type of person who gets excited over every little change in growth on my orchids so, so much action and change in the tank, as small as it may seem to an outsider is a HUGE deal to me. Speaking of orchids... my older purple one is dropping its last 3 blossoms :( it's been in bloom for well over 2 maybe 3.5 months now so it's about time, but still... guess I just have to settle for watching the little one sprout a new leaf.

Anyway, I did change the tank a LOT. I decided that the lava rock I had in the tank previously was creating too much open space and though I liked the idea of having an area devoid of plants, I also wanted to give current and future shrimps more areas to hide. Also Zamboni HATED the rock, I don't know why, probably because it was rough and sharp, but he refused to climb on the rock unless I put one of the algae wafers on it and even then he would push the wafer off.

Speaking of Zamboni... the naughty snail strikes again! Little jerk ate all the new growth off the banana lily save ONE tiiiny little leaf :( all because I forgot to give them a wafer piece that day. Turd...

Neo is actually utilizing more of the tank now since the change I'm not sure if he's more confident, or he likes the tannins in the water or is just deciding to surf a different wall, but it's nice to see him in another spot lol.

Also thought I'd take this opportunity to show off my "whole setup" as it were. I refinished, painted, stenciled, replaced the knob and added an adhesive tile to the top of an old hutch we'd had in our family for years to perk it up a bit and make it match my home as well as provide a tank stand. (This was back in October)

Not quite sure why the photos refuse to be the right way up... might be file size, but it's whatever, just tilt your head a bit :)

Oh one last thing, I have seen at least 5 confirmed individual shrimplets from the hatching so huzzah! The things are soooo tiny and cute!
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That fish tank storage area (former Hutch) is brilliant, I love seeing people recycling and up-scaling. I'm much the same with tank watching. I have one on my desk at work and one behind me. Since i spend pretty much all my working life on hold to someone or other they keep me entertained where previously I get very very kranky
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Just a quick little entry today, did a small water change, replanted more of Zamboni's casualties andd...

FOUND A PREGGO SHRIMP! Yep, another shrimp is berried! Since this shrimp wasn't preggo when I bought her like the first one, I'm pretty sure the hanky panky happened in my tank :D which is really exciting and encouraging that they're happy enough to procreate. The expectant mom is a solid orange color and I'm 90% sure she mated with the fearless yellow male so hopefully the little ones will be of an orange hue.

The current baby shrimplets are doing great, I can see them better every day :) And the crayfish has molted again, I'm a little concerned that he's molting a little too often, but then again, the water is a little warmer than ideal for both the shrimps and the crayfish so their life cycles are sped up a bit. He is still a young cray so a molt every month is to be expected.... He seems pretty happy though, munching on his pellets and cruising the bottom of the tank.

Neo is well... Neo. He's looking a little on the chubby side, so no food for him tomorrow, he won't be pleased. I'm trying to keep him and the crayfish well fed so they don't go looking for any little shrimpy snacks.

I would post pics, but the husband ran off for the weekend to the coast for his best friend's bachelor party and took the good camera phone with him :(
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Thought I would share a few things :)

My husband and his friends found some sort of shallow water eel on the beach, it was still very much alive and they pushed it back into the ocean (with a stick) I have no idea what exactly it was, maybe a ridgefin?? Gulf of Mexico area if anyone knows anything about them or wants to look into it *pictures!* (sorry they're so distant the boys were a little nervous of it)

Tried to get some good "glamour" shots of Neo today, also did a little trim of the hygrophila in the front, it had broke the surface ^^
I have this thing about ventrals... I love big fluffy full vents, and Neo has them in abundance, if I could only get him to puff them out long enough to get a good pic of them He's so dang quick!

Bonus tiny baby shrimp pictures
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Very pretty tank!
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Alrighty, so it's been a couple weeks because holidays and such-like and I didn't want to post a lot about my new 10 gal until I had it set up the way I wanted so here's an update!

5 gal is doing great, just trimming and attempting to replant random hygrophilia stems, the crypts are amazingly happy, and I've started to dose the tank with potassium as I've noticed deficiency damage in some of the older leaves, I'm also experimenting with excel so we'll see what that does.

The 10 I just posted in the planted tank section about but I'll repost it here because it's my journal and I can do what I want :P

Introducing Mielikki's Grove

My husband got me a 10 gal as a gift for Christmas this year, Petco was having a sale on their Aqueon 10 gal led kits so we got one for 30 bucks. The seller for us on this was actually the piece of mopani that I have in the tank and it was the main inspiration for the grove itself. It's such a great chunk of wood! Looks like a dead tree trunk with roots growing out of the ground. I'm in love with it.

Anyway, the heater it came with didn't pan out (really crappy 25 watt preset thing) so I got a 50 watt aquatop instead ^^

Substrate is mixed eco complete and flourite black sand

PLANTS (weeeee!)
Echinodorus Amazonicos (Amazon Sword)
Echinodorus Parviflorus (Rosette Sword)
Anubias Nana
Anubias Lancelota
Bolbitis Heterocilia (El Nino Fern)
Sagittaria Subulata (Dwarf Sag)
Cryptocoryne Parva
Lamandau Mini Purple Buce
Nymphaea Tiger Lotus
Homalomena Insignis

Now all that's left to do is wait for it to fill in :D

I do plan on trimming the sag (the bunches they sent me were SUPER long!) to encourage it to carpet, but seeing as I just planted it I figure I should give it a bit to settle in. I'm a bit worried I'll lose the lotus, but we'll see, I hope it does okay, shipping was not kind to the poor thing. The glass fish is a place holder for a hand blown glass unicorn that is currently in the mail, but I won't have it for another week or so. This is my first experience with buce, so I hope the TINY little plants do okay. *prays like mad that everything doesn't melt too horribly*

Have yet to find a betta for this tank but I'm in no real rush, I want the tank more grown in anyway so I don't really mind waiting.
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Saw your diamond eye boy and wanted to share my experience with owing a few that went very near/completely blind that may help you later:
Feed in a consistent spot every time so they know where to go for food even if they can't see- I fed in the front right corner of the tank.
Use a sound to signify feeding time-I tapped the surface a few times with a finger at the feeding spot-some fish learn lid open=feeding too.
Some people will make a ring with small piece of air lien tube to keep a clear area to feed (good idea with surface plants). I use one of the valve adjusters to connect the 2 ends of the hose
or you can buy a pre-made ring online
If feeding larger food like blood worms or black worms use feeding tongs and put over bettas mouth (in feeding area) they should instinctively snap at them and grab before worms can sink (my brand sinks.. some float) Feed 1 worm at a time. Same method can be used for brine shrimp

[Started updating my Journal again, view here]
Due to photobuckets bs cost for use of images on forums I have deleted all photobucket accounts. I apologize if you enjoyed or found my old photos helpful.
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He's actually doing quite well now, he is more confident swimming around the tank and doesn't stick to the walls as much any more. I've seen him cruising around elsewhere between everything he can fit through and "hunting" my shrimplets (they're too quick for him and he's not too accurate when he pounces) So far he's been able to find his food quite well, the scales over his eyes don't completely block his vision (yet) and he likes to chase his food around the current in the tank and usually catches it if it falls towards the bottom. I'm keeping an eye on the dude, but so far so good ^^ thanks for the tips!

Oh and I've also trained him to come to a certain area when I tap on the lid of the tank in a specific rhythm, gotta love pavlov!
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