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So, here is the new 5 gallon tank at home! Its definitely still a work in progress, I've got to get more plants and let the ones I have grow in! I'm thinkin some more java fern would be good :)

This tank is still cycling, it currently seems to be stuck in the nitrite part of the cycle. It had some really high ammonia to start out with, and I think its mostly because of the wood I stuck in there. I boiled it and that seemed to help with the ammonia. It had a lot of that gross white fungus growing on it for a while, but its cleared up now it seems, the snails are now making short work of it. I'm not sure why its stuck in the nitrite part of the cycle, the nitrites have been at 5.0 ppm for about two weeks now. Ammonia has now lessened to 0-.25 ppm and nitrates are around 20-30 ppm. I guess I'll just have to be patient, I'm just dying to get some fish in here!

Speaking of, is there anything I could successfully put in with a betta in this 5 gallon tank besides nerite snails? (once I get more plants, that is) I'm gonna get some more ground carpeting plants, so I was thinking I might be able to try some cherry red shrimp. If worse comes to worse, they could just be an expensive snack for the betta haha, but who knows. Any suggestions?

I would love to get a baby betta again this time, but we'll see if an adult strikes my fancy when I'm at the pet store. I still probably have a month or so before this tank will be ready, but I'm so excited to get a new friend! I'm wary of getting an adult again because I can't guarantee it won't be sick from the terrible conditions at the petstore. But, I also want something other than a veiltail this time and with the babies you never quite know what you're gonna get haha. Maybe that's the fun of it though!
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Well, I tried to get some video of Caspian as he was being silly and flaring at his snail. But alas, he saw me and stopped and stared at me until I put the phone down. haha.
Such a smart boy, he definitely doesn't like me filming him :P

Fins are still doing fine despite the curling, though I did notice one thing today that I'll have to keep an eye on.
It could very well be from the curling rays, they could be curling so much that its causing a divet or could be slowly splitting the rays, or it could be some minor fin biting.
It is in a little bit of a U shape like biting entails, but its so small that I could just be overreacting. :P Even though they have the weird curling, I've been lucky to have a healthy enough boy that there are no rips or tears, his fins have a nice solid curve on the end. This little divet has been the only change in that recently.
So lets hope its not fin biting! If it is, I might consider changing the cryptocoryne beckettii in the back right to a java fern or some bigger anubias that may provide some more shade for Caspian.
I'm not a huge fan of duckweed or the other plants that float on the top, and the tank is so planted already that I don't wanna take up too much of his space haha.

We'll keep an eye on it. ;)

In other news, the tank at home is still solidly stuck in the nitrite stage. No change there, but nitrates have also gone up. I did a 50% water change yesterday, so I will wait a little and do another next week. I recently had a brown algae bloom as well! I know algae blooms can be common when cycling a tank, I've just never dealt with brown algae like this! I'm used to the cyanobacteria and green algae I used to get in the 2.5 gallon haha.
It freaked me out a little because I could see the filter compartment had brown all over the output tube. When I took out the filter media when doing a water change, it dyed all brown! I gave it a rinse, but its solidly a reddish brown.
I'm thinking it may also be from the wood I put in there as well as the indian almond leaves. I know the tannins can make the water that dark color, so maybe its more from that than algae.

Either way, the snails get a nice meal!

Oh and speaking of snails, I might have just barely avoided disaster! I recently bought some more plant additions and like a dummy I forgot to rinse off the plants before adding them in. I got them at petco, and I remember seeing in the store that almost all their tanks were overrun with Malaysian trumpet snails! Well, I like my nerite snails, but I specifically picked those snails so they don't breed and overrun my tank. D:
Well, when cleaning the tank, I spotted a whiteish blob on one of my plants with some brownish specs dotting the inside. I used my tweezers and grabbed it, put it in a cup with water, and took out and washed all the plants haha. I looked for any other egg sacks, and I couldn't see any, but washed just in case.
I checked on that cup a day or two later and sure enough it hatched and around 4-5 little whitish specs were born! Now they're too small to know for sure, but they are stuck to the glass and move around when I come back to check on them later so I'm gonna assume they are snails! (plus the egg sack looked like ramshorn or some other small snail egg sack when I looked on google). Hopefully I caught them just in time, but I won't be suprised if I missed some. D:
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Time for an update! As shown in my other thread, I finally found my new betta! The 5 gallon tank finally cycled, its crazy how you can have super high nitrites and then when it finally cycles it just plummets to 0 haha. I waited a couple days to make sure, but the ammonia is at 0ppm, nitrites at 0ppm, and nitrates around 20-30 ppm (I'm doing water changes several times a week to combat this, I assume its because of the new bioload from the betta. :) )
My husband has dubbed him Steve, but I'm not a fan of the name, so I'm gonna think of something else :P Any ideas?
I wanted to get a baby again, but I couldn't find any, so I opted for a small adult. He was listed as an orchid betta, but I liked him because he was almost a cross between an orchid and a butterfly with those white ends. He also has some mahachai like coloring on his top fin which I loved. <3 He's got dark blue coloring up front which turns into a greenish turquoise at the base of his tail. :)
He wasn't listed as a dragonscale, but I think he might be. He's scales look suuuper thick, especially on his gills. He might have some on his eye, so we'll keep an eye on that as I've heard that dragonscales can get scales that grow over their eyes.

He's suuuper hard to get pictures of, he's much faster than my other betta and since he's in a 5 gallon he's got a lot more room to dart around haha. When Caspian flares, he slowly moves back and forth, but when this new betta flares he swims fast back and forth.

He's still adjusting to his 5 gallon tank. I had put a piece of black paper as a backing for the aquarium because it helped it look better, but for some reason that just increased the reflection. The poor betta wouldn't stop flaring at himself so I had to take the paper off, and that seems to have helped. He still flares a little at the side wall, but I put a piece of white paper backing on that side, and that seems to have helped.
Its odd, because they usually recommend you put some black or other background on the glass to stop reflections, not the other way around! haha. I'm sad because I liked that dark look on the back. *shrug*. I'm waiting for my check to buy some new plants and I'll get some more to cover up that back wall and that should hopefully help. Plants are expensive man! Stocking a 5 gallon requires much more than my 2.5 gallon haha. So far I'm liking the layout though, but I think more java ferns are in order. I originally bought a pretty purple leaved plant from petco called a "purple waffle plant" (in the back left corner) which was submersed, but turns out is more of a riparium type of plant as its meant to grow immersed. So I've just stuck it with its roots in the tank, and a pothos that I'm trying to root as well. I might do this across the whole back side as it gives the betta something to swim through and looks cool. I'm not a huge fan of the look of floating plants like hornwort. :)

Thankfully, this new betta is much more chill than Caspian haha. He has a salt and pepper dwarf cory friend who he gets along great with! You know your betta is chill when they can share a piece of food together haha. The new betta seems to enjoy picking at the food meant for the cory, though he seems to spit it all out. He's quite a silly betta because he doesn't like to eat his food from the surface. He usually waits for it to sink before he swims after it. I tried him on flakes as Caspain loves his Omega One betta flakes, but this new betta responded a lot better to the Omega One Betta Pellets, so pellets it is. I'm going to try some bloodworms today when I get home from work. :) Here are some pics to enjoy! Sorry they are a little blurry, like I said, he's fast!
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Update time!
Caspian is still doing great, his tail just keeps growing longer and longer each day! Still growing all wonky, but it seems to straighten out some as it grows bigger. :)
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very beautiful tanks and fish! keep up the great work! =D

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5 gallon: Red Cherry Shrimp and snails
5 gallon tank: WIP tank
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Thanks! :)
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Just a small update on the new betta :) I've yet to decide on a name, any ideas? :) He's officially been in his tank for a month now and is slowly but surely acclimating. He used to just go back and forth across the front of the tank, but after I added a couple plants to break up the front view he doesn't seem to do it as often. *shrug* I think I'll still rearrange the plants a little for my artistic brain haha, but I'm glad the betta likes it. :) I recently got a new light since the fluval spec V I have is one of the older ones, and the lighting was pretty minimal. Hopefully the new lights helps the plants to grow! I just love the colors on this betta <3 I guess I'm just partial to blues haha.

On a second note...another fluval spec iii went on sale (this one is a little bigger than my current one for Caspian) and I couldn't help myself and bought it....haha. So who knows, I might buy another betta, but I'm thinking I'll set it up and cycle it anywho as a quarantine tank in case I get more.
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Update time!

We'll start with Caspian first! I recently moved to work from home, so I had to bring Caspian and the shrimpies back home! It was a bit traumatic for everyone to say the least haha. Since I had to take everything in the car, I decided to lower the water on each tank about halfway, so that meant I had to put Caspian in a different cup for the ride home. Figured it would be less stressful....turns out not haha. At least the shrimpies fared fine!

Caspian has never been caught in a net since I've had him since he was a baby haha, so he was not having it. And the way my tank is setup, its hard to maneuver a little net around. While trying to catch him, I ended up accidentially pinning his tail against the glass and cause a little bit of an injury. When I got him home I realized he had split a little hole in his tail along the rays, and he also had a line across his tail from where he got pinned.
Thankfully, bettas are pretty miraculous tail healers and once I got his tank setup back and home and left him alone with his new fresh water, he unclamped that morning and the hole in his tail had closed back up! He still has a little bit of the line leftover, but he's just as happy as he was before. :)

As for the shrimpies, I've got babies! They are just getting big enough now that they can swim on their own, and last I counted, I had between 10-15. Considering I only have 13 adults in there now, population is gonna be booming soon! So excited. :)

And last but not least, Juniper!(I think I finally settled on a name.:) ) Well he seemed to stop glass surfing as soon as I added some more plants to break up the front of the glass, but my artistic brain just didn't like the look of the scape that way haha. So, I bought EVEN MORE plants haha. (I just can't help myself lol) But now, I think I'm liking this setup the best, and I think its finally done. I just have to let it grow in now. Juniper seems to enjoy it though, and loves to swim in and out of all the leaves. :) He's also found his favorite sleeping spots amongst the roots of the pothos up top. What a change a few weeks and a lot of tweaking can make, am I right? haha.
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