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Really there is no way to avoid disturbing the bubble nest. If he is not being bread than he will continue to build a nest so when making water changes even though you are careful the nest will break up.

Now you say there may be a dead and decaying Tetra in the tank? Is there a cleaning crew in the tank? (shrimp, cory cats) If you have a cleaning crew then I wouldn't worry as much. However if you don't have a cleaning crew to get rid of the dead bodies and waste I would be looking and cleaning the tank so the dead body won't fowl the water. Filters can only do so much in water purification.

The more you put your hands in the tank or clean the glass with a sponge or plant a plant, the more your fish will get use to it and won't be stressed. Now that being said most betta do not like changes to their tanks It's the reason they patrol their tanks, just to make sure nothing has changed. And if you have changed anything be prepared to be told about it. I know for a fact when I make a change in one of my tanks the boys go bonkers for a coupe of days and they do tell me they are not happy. Even if it's for their comfort.
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I've just got snails, I haven't been able to get otos from petsmart, going to look at our LFS sometime this week. Been busy setting up a 55g in the living room and haven't had a lot of extra money to expand my own tank..

I noticed small little white worms this morning, I researched asap and seem to be detritus worms, which come from over feeding and lots of waste. I definitely overfed the first couple of days. Thinking about just taking everything out and cleaning the substrate completely. I noticed the fish at the neck out of them so I haven't fed them today.
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So I noticed these little red blemishes on donavins body, there's a few on the other side but I can't tell what they're from. They have been starting to heal.

I also decided to take everything out and look for the dead fish. Vaccume cleaned the gravel, no fish. It isn't smelling and ita been a week now. So I assume he got eaten by someone. I rescaped everything and really like it now. I bunched up a ton of the java fern, maybe too much. And scattered the crypts around the rocks. Hoping they'll branch out and cover the mid section.

The fish seem to be fine, exploring their new home makeover. I made sure do leave the upper left hand side the same and even made a cover with bacopa and a new IAL as donivan liked that side the most. Will feed them before bed. Leaving lights off until tomorrow's feeding.

I'm looking to get some otos probably 6 and maybe some shrimp. I'm thinking about leaving the 3 neons and transfering them to the 55 once its cycled and set up, they're really spastic and aggressive towards each other and I don't think donivan likes them...

Any opinions on the fish stocking side? I feel like 6 otos, 3 snails and shrimp are a lot. If anyone has any ideas to go alongside what I have already feel free to let me know.
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Check here for your stocking information.
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@Old Dog 59 I've been using AqAdvisor since i saw someone else talk about it in a forum post. I still like to ask for peoples opinions//expertise as it's still just an algorithm (it's great imo, i still just mess around with different stocking ideas with it).

Update: Noticed more red spots appearing, i can't tell if they're rips in his scales or hemorrhages. I do have a large rock with holes and a few sharp edges but he's not big enough to get close to it (i've seem him try). At first i thought he was just getting too closed to the out filter and getting stuck. But now i have no idea. I haven't seen the neons attack him at all, they just swim away when he gets too close. During the day when i watch him he tends to just swim against the glass or chill under his bacopa leaves/IAL cover. I'm saving up to buy a 5 or 10 gallon tank to make into a quarantine if i need to.
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Oto would not be my first choice for a new tank. They are extremely sensitive and unless a tank is two or three months beyond a finished cycle they will most likely die. They also require specific feeding if you don't have algae. I like blanched vegetables, seaweed sheets and Sally's Emerald Entree (frozen).

Your Neon are being aggressive toward each other because they have an insufficient shoal. If you put them in the 55, have at least 20. In a 15 I would opt for a minimum of 10. Remember, with Nano fish you can stock more than if you had livebearers like Mollies or Swords.

The red you see is usually normal but I would keep an eye on him. If he is eating and active he is most likely okay.

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Right. I was trying to buy a minimum of 6 but the worker wouldn't let me get 6 and the betta 😞 they're starting to chill a bit though. And the tank should be coming up on 2 months very soon, I'll have to look back at my logs. There's definitely a lot of algae for them right now, even with the nerites. And we've got lots of peas and green beans that we don't eat, dont mind cleaning out my freezer a bit 😉

Putting the neons in the 55 isn't gonna be a good idea anymore unless i want as feeder fish. My sister decided she wants angelfish and so I'm gonna try and do an angelfish/apistogramma tank and try to breed both and pray they dont obliterate each other when they breed.

Suffering from MTS and would like to buy 2 10s and a 5 to try and breed them. And them move to a 40g and build a sorority like I had first wanted. The LFS has a huge one in the center that I never noticed and I feel like I can do better.
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3ish Month Update & AqAdvisor
Stocking: Added 3 cherry shrimp, lost 1 immediately and never saw again, idk if he's still alive or sucked in the filter or what. And i only really see the 1 big one, medium one is iffy. And 5 more neon tetras 1-2 weeks ago they had torn fins and sunken in bellies. One was super lathargic, wasn't eating and kinda swimming "randomly" his fins weren't torn, I believe he was one of the original 3. Ended up dying the other day immediately checked the water parameters and they were normal. I can't tell if the fins are healing, they are white on the ends and some look to be getting bigger i'd imagine it'd take a while. Their aggression is near minimum now, i only notice it when they're super spread out. Which i'm happy about, thanks ShihTzu.
- A few days later I added an algae wafer for my snails and they ate the heck out of it so some of their stomachs were bulging, thought they'd explode... stopped doing algae wafers since the snails/shrimp weren't even able to get to it. Curious if i'm over feeding, I've been doing 2 day tetra color flakes (crunched up small pinch 2 times a day), 1 day freeze dried blood worms, very few flakes or a fasting day, 1 day betta pellets and the next new life spectrum.

New Plants: Bought some scarlet temple, Monte carol, and water sprite. Scarlet temples leaves started melting (near all of them, scared me) and some of the roots started melting. Cut the bad parts off and replanted. Floating some of the Monte Carlo and planted the rest, however Donivan likes getting into it and unplanted it...

Last week i bought some excel and been adding 1/2 the dosage every 3 days alongside iron and flourish.

Old Plants: Amazon flame sword (front left one) looks to be doing pretty badly. Most of the leaves are turning yellow, though i noticed a new leaf today so idk. My anubias and java ferns have finally started growing as well, seeing lots of little new leafs forming and the rhizomes seem to be getting bigger. Crypts are taking over found like 6 new off shoots with 1-2 leaves growing already . Moved amazon sword to my friends tank, it wasn't doing the greatest in mine and figured it'd help theirs. Red Melon sword is doing fantastic. A new leaf every week and 2 or so inches on the old ones. I've got lots of deteriorating IALs, hope the shrimp will start feasting on them, i'm too lazy to pick them up 1 by 1 and can't vac them up w/o uprooting my plants.

Seeing lots of little "snails" in my tank but none that's gotten more than a millimeter big, not sure if they're being eaten by the fish or dying. Mainly notice after nighttime when i turn the tank lights on, they seem to go back into the substrate. White algae/bacteria growth on the wood again, been leaving the lights on full strength on normal white mode w/ red and then the lowest magenta at night. I'd like to grow green algae but i think the snails are doing too good of a job.

Concern: Oxygen, i put a prefilter above the output and the flow is suuper low, it looks like the food is just floating there sometimes which i know bettas like. But is it too low? I also noticed Donivan going up for air a lot, i know i have a lot of plants and they're growing which produce oxygen. But is there a way to know if i have enough//too little?
- Also seeing lots of little "snails?" in my tank but none that's gotten more than a millimeter big, not sure if they're being eaten by the fish or dying. Mainly notice after nighttime when i turn the lights on, they seem to go back into the substrate//disappear.

Future: Thinking about adding more shrimp most likely amano. Maybe a trapdoor snail and ramshorn snail, i think i'll wait on more plants, see how these grow out.
I'm also moving in about 2 months. Anyone have any tips for that? I know for the fish i can get a bucket, an air stone and heater and they should be fine. But what about the plants, substrate and the actual tank itself?
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