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Melting plants :( help

Hey guys! hope everyone and their fish is well!

So I've had this tank for about 2 weeks now and I'm starting to notice that my plants are melting. I had to trim my java fern a lot since 70% melted. I wasn't concerned about it because I thought the plant was adapting etc but now I see my anubias going on the same track and I'm starting to get worried so here I am!

I am doing 1 50% water change per week, I am using seachem prime and flourish as indicated on the label. I also added a root tab yesterday since i picked up some s. repens and have dwarf hair grass on gravel.

I always see people saying and ferns and anubias are really hard to kill and i see mine dying ... and I noticed today like some dust or debris on the rock where i glued the anubia.

I also have some frogbit which has be doing pretty good and started to propagate.

attached are some pictures and link too because i don't know why I can post pictures straight(if someone can explain that would be great) you can get a really close look on these
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btw these are my water parameters

ammonia <.02 seachem alert
nitrite 0
nitrate 0
PH 7.4 seachem alert
gh 75
kh 80
temp 79f
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Java fern and anubias typically come from emersed farms (see pictures below), actually most aquarium plants come from emersed farms, meaning they are grown outside of water. Why? Because growing emersed is quicker, cheaper, and you don't need to worry about algae. Whenever you transition them to fully submerged, it's important to make it as easy as possible for them to transition by providing CO2 through pressurized injection/diffusers. As they are used to an a near infinite amount of it and are now limited to 2-5 ppm found naturally through normal gas exchange, the plants will be stressed out and may lose some leafs before new growth that is accustomed to the new environment may appear.

(You may lose no leaves in the case of java ferns or anubias, but in the case of other plants there are emersed and submerged forms of growth, for example an amazon sword will have oval shaped leaves in its emersed form, and will have sword shaped leaves in its' submerged form)

The frogbit is doing fine and will likely continue to thrive because it has access to atmospheric CO2.

Does this mean you need CO2? Absolutely not, I've grown Java Fern with and without CO2, and its very possible to grow Java Fern without CO2, but the plants don't get as big and aren't as bushy. With CO2 my Java fern grew to nearly a foot tall and was extremely bushy and needed insane amounts of potassium to maintain its biomass.
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I wouldn't panic yet. :)
I expect a fair amount of melting when new plants are moved in, and some plants are likely to melt almost down to nothing (e.g. some crypts) before they shoot new leaves and recover, with the new growth acclimated to your tank conditions - just as @RickyTan says.

I recently had my amazon swords reduce themselves to half the size they arrived at, and throw off all their outer leaves - then I found out that Flourish Excel will do that to Swords. Didn't have a clue! Stopped using it, and they have begun to recover.

And my Echinodorus are currently going through a frayed and re-shooting phase, even though they have been in the tank for about 9 months, and I am not aware of anything except the seasonal light variation from the window that may be causing it.

Keep an eye on the anubias though. Where is the melt happening? if it is the leaves, just remove them as they deteriorate, but if it is the rhizome (the long green 'stem' that the leaves grow from) then you may have a case of rhizome rot going on.

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Yea i want to believe that they're going through the process of being immersed and not that I have nitrogen deficiency. I also ordered a finnex clip on light because after reading and doing some research a lot of people complain about the LED that my marineland contour 3g has. So ill be replacing it tomorrow. I know for the most part these plants don't need co2 I wouldn't get any high tech plants anyways. My anubia is starting to get a yellow leaf I will keep an eye at the rhizome and make sure it's not rottining and I guess ill trim the bad leafs :'(.

Thanks guys!
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