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I finished setting up Roslyn's new 10 gallon tank, put him in, watched him swim, and swim, and swim, and swim...and then scare the bejeepers out of his neighbor, Emmett. Poor little Emmett...he's just so shy. I keep hoping he's going to learn to be tough! :) Roslyn finally settled down and tucked himself in behind the sponge on his filter. He's crammed in there like a little blue and pink sardine, but he's happy. ;)

Duncan actually swam over and looked for food, so he's getting braver and starting to realize that I bring tasty snacks, not life in a tiny cup. ;)

Everybody else got fed, and I'm in need of a water change for everyone.
Sucked out some baby pond snails in Buckley and Copper's tanks, and fished out a few adults from Geoffrey and Chaucer. Dang things are NEVER going to go away...

Toulouse made a bubblenest in his happiness that Somerset is back from medication/quarantine. He's been floating at full-fin for the last 24 hours. ;) Tiny dork.

Bought some acrylic sheets at Home Depot so that I can *finally* get rid of the plastic wrap over the tops of my tanks. It's going to be a fabulous day when I don't have to unclip saran wrap to feed! ;)

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