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(Dwarf) Cichlid experience anyone?

I need to know if I need to lower the pH of my tanks before adding any German blue rams, which are some of my dream fish.

I have a pH of about 7.6-7.8 ... I know most fish adapt well to it, but I also know that rams are very sensitive and delicate fish, so I dont know what I should do, try to acclimate them to my normal pH or try to lower the pH.

If I do go the route of lowering pH, what is suggested? I know peat moss is commonly used, but there are also chemicals for it? Should I just mix distilled water in with my tap to help a bit?

What's the recommended pH to lower it to? I know rams are suggested to be kept between 5-6pH, but I think the lowest I'd like to try to go is 7?? Not sure.

I did "accidently" win an auction for 4 of them, so they will be here sometime next week and I'm getting a little worried about it. My plan is to move all my bettas, endlers, and cories out of the 28 and into my fry grow-out since no fry are currently using it, and putting the GBR's in with 2 of my bristlenose plecos. It's a very well established tank, has been running for about atleast 8 months now and has an aquaclear 50 HOB with a ton of hiding places, live plants, and driftwood in it. -- if anything sounds like it should be added/changed, let me know!

Oh, whats the best choice of food for them? Should I try cichlid pellets or just some flake food?

Any other advice?

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