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Originally Posted by valen1014 View Post
Oh I didn't know they handled the medication well. I'm happy to report that she's no longer showing any signs of ick! I think I will keep things the way they are for a little longer to be safe but I'm not as worried now =]

We would like to get a pair too. We found a few stores that sell them like PetSupermarket (maybe you have one around your area?) and Petsmart. They are also sold on aquabid but I'm sure they get a little more expensive plus there's shipping involved... But if you've been wanting a pair since so long it might be worth it! They really are beautiful fishes and from the look of it they are just as nosey/curious as bettas which I love hehe

The closets petsmart is a hour away lol That other pet store never heard of them. But ya I was thinking about taking a trip down to petsmart one day.

I am glad shes doing better. Its all ways better safe then sorry in my opinion. :)

5gallon, One male betta
10 gallon, full of baby fry/ one baby betta
34 gallon:2 peppered corydoras, 2 upside down catfish, 2 cherry barbs, two danio's, 2 platy's, 2 high fin platys, 2 red swords, 2 angelfish, 1 dwarf Gourami, 3 black skirts, two diamond tetra's and 2 gold Gourami.
And going to get, 2 cory cats

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