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Yes I do. I watch him everyday! Sometimes I question his husbandry, especially with the big snakes and how they shed, but I think the has a really good message that he wants to share. He also is very passionate about helping reptiles be understood instead of frowned upon. I think I got lucky with my parents tolerating my reptiles, mostly because when I was younger I use to bring home all kinds of stuff and they would have to tell me no. It sounds like you should watch out for Tango! He might get you My neighbors don't know that I have lizards, or snakes so that might be a good thing. One day I would like to get an Argentine Black & White Tegu, or a Colombian Tegu. That would be entertaining for the neighbors if I took it outside...

I have never seen one! They seem cool! It appears you can keep them in a 20L too? Seems like easy to keep too. Maybe you should look into getting one?

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