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Journal Update:

I ordered Dubias the other weekend, and the postal service kind of messed up, and took forever to deliver them. Luckily they finally showed up yesterday, and I was able to feed this morning. Kimchi, Atticus, and Scarlett were kind of upset that it took forever.
Kimchi's bromeliad has started to die off. Not too sure why, however it does have a pup growing on it which is doing good. So I'll probably take if off and put it where the one is now. The Pothos in the dart frog tank has been growing like crazy! It has probably been adding at least 3 new leaves every week now.
Still deciding on getting that extra reptile. The breeder that I have been looking at has some decently priced babies for sale, but I don't know if I want to wait until I get a job to get one or not...I am probably going to see about getting a part-time job somewhere because sitting around the house doing stuff hasn't been that thrilling.

The 46G is still sitting empty. I guess I got a little too excited about getting it all together this week. I should get some of my plants, and the new filter stuff in today. Hopefully the driftwood will be in next week, and possibly the last plant. I'm going to let one of the new filter sponges sit in the 20G for a week/week and a half/two weeks, then place it into the filter. I also bought a small thing of quick start too to help cycle the aquarium faster. I was thinking too about getting 10 neon tetras instead of cardinal tetras because I can get them easier, and get them set up in the aquarium faster. Everyone else I'll probably have to special order. The aquarium list now stands as:
5 Neon Dwarf Rainbows
10 Neon Tetras
10 Harlequin Rasboras
? Cherry Shrimp
I got some bug bites to try with the cherry barbs, because I've been having to smash the NLS pellets; they are too big for them. The bug bites (small fish formula) are tiny! And they absolutely love them! I'll definitely be feeding them to the fish in the 46G when they get here.
Rajah has come down with some sort of bacteria/fungal infection. It isn't serious, but noticeable to me. I've been treating him with some salt, and it seems to slightly be working. I'll be gone till tomorrow evening (pet sitting), and I'm thinking Sunday I might stick him in a quarantine container, and hit him with some General Cure to see if it clears up better. He has been acting fine, and eating like a champ so I'm not too worried with him. The crypts and dwarf hair grass seem to really like the Flourite substrate. The dwarf hair grass has noticeable root growth already on it.

I don't know if I already mentioned this but Nacho got a new halter this week. After getting one at the tack shop and it not fitting properly, the lady tried to convince me to just punch an extra hole in it which I didn't want to do because nylon is hard material to do that and Nacho needs a nice halter not a ragged one, I decided to order one especially for minis. It came in and looks great! Now everyone has matching black halters at the barn.

*Got the weigh in on the baby crested. We didn't gain or lose any weight this week. Still sitting at 5g
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