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For this week’s update, I’ve decided to focus on our decorator crab since it’s been going through some “revisions” lately.

In case the name wasn’t a giveaway, decorator crabs like to cover themselves with materials like plants and algae for camouflage. Our decorator crab is no exception, and over the past month, it’s been making some adjustments to its appearance.

This is how it looked two weeks ago. It had molted recently, so its shell was fresh and uncovered.

The following week, it donned some kelp. Upon seeing this, one of my coworkers added some reddish algae to the tank, and a week later…

…it fashioned itself some leg wear.

Although this is our “featured” decorator crab, we do have others, including some juveniles and another adult in the back room. As you can see below, it’s a bit more passionate about its appearance.

On a side note, here’s one of the decorator crab’s older molts that we preserved. It was much smaller back then…

I hope you enjoyed this update. Next week, I’ll discuss one of our newer exhibits.

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