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Water change day, aka fiddle with the tanks day, and I'm a day late doing it.

In addition to the water changes Pinkerton had his craft mesh removed, looks like the thrill was gone with it as no additional bubble nest were built. I floated some fake plants in the tank. I still need to get the anacharis ready, just been really tired lately and haven't wanted to fool with it. At the rate I'm going I'm lucky I got myself to do the water change. Pinkerton's tail is no better but no worse lately, and I'm still dosing with the Stress Guard. He's such a busy body and had to check out everything I did with the tank. Here's hoping he approved!

Mercury got a new Aquatop IF-201 Internal Filter, I'm not sure if I like it as it's loud due to the spray bar. I'm thinking about submersing the spray bar and seeing if that helps. The illustration shows the spray bar above the water but I'm not sure if that's necessary or not. The box, in numerous places says it has an adjustable flow rate but I think I'm either blind or they lie. I see no way to adjust the flow rate and the instructions says the adjustable flow rate is on the 203 and 204 series.... Mercury seems to find it a fun filter and looks to enjoy swimming under the spray bar and having it push him to the bottom. I watched for awhile to make sure he could get out of the corners around it (Spray bar is facing the tank wall).

Monet continues to concern me. He's still lethargic, spends most of his day either hiding or hanging around the bottom, and while he now comes up to be fed he looses interest fast. At least he's no worse, and is a bit better so I'll count that as a plus.
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