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Yet another water change, yet another one done 3 days late. Ugh, I can't seem to hit the week mark no matter how hard I try. I do believe I'm going to start doing water changes every 4 days, then maybe I'll actually do them once a week.

On to updates about the boys.

Mercury is such a sweet boy but seems to be on the shy side. He'll run and hide if something startles him whereas Pinkerton comes to see what might have happened (unless it's really scary) and Monet just does not seem to care. Tonight he got his bridge back and he seemed happy with it, swimming around it and exploring underneath. I'm going to post some before and after pictures to show how the bridge turned out.

Pinkerton is seems happier now that I've been interacting with him more, he's biting his tail a bit less and I can see some new growth coming in. I need to get some new pictures of him to see how much better it is. He's built two bubble nest this past week so hopefully I'm right and he's a bit more content (he's not built one in all the time I've had him) although I do know that sick / dying betta will still build nest.

Monet, ahh my problem betta LOL. Appetite and energy wise he's about the same as he was last week. I used Tetra water conditioner for the water change, normally I use Prime, and redosed the PraziPro so I'll be seeing if that helps. The reason for the Tetra is that the manufacturer of PraziPro says it's best to not use Prime as it makes the medicine less effective. I turned a tank light on the tank, I've been keeping it off to lessen stress, and noticed that his fins are getting really tattered, I'm not sure if he's ripping them laying against the intake of the filter or if he's started biting after all this time. I covered the intake with fish net on the chance that it's the former and not the later.
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