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Well Monet seems more active this morning and is staying at the top of his tank like he used to, is a bit more interactive when he spots me, and was more eager for hes breakfast then he has been in awhile. He ate more and didn't spit out the food, but still didn't eat as much as he used to. Overall though he's doing better then he has in a month or two.

If anyone decides to try PraziPro don't use Prime when you do a water change before adding it to the tank, I did it both way. The first time, 10 days ago, with Prime, and yesterday with a different conditioner, and not using Prime seems to have helped. The first time I honestly forgot to switch conditioners, and didn't remember until after I had dosed the tank, so I just let it be rather then having to run carbon which I don't have on hand, or doing a 100% water change, and stressing Monet out by removing him from the tank.

Hikari (maker of Prazipro) does not recommend using it with Prime, but the only reason I can find is that they both contain reducing agents. I'll have to call them to see why they are saying to not combine them.
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