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Whelp, that didn't work out like I though it would!

I've been looking into getting some other small fish to put in with Pinkerton and keep him occupied. Well yesterday I finally got to PetSmart and picked the boys up a new container of food, and I went and looked at the fish. The tanks at that PetSmart look great, crystal clear water, no algae, and the fish all look very healthy. I knew better then to get any tetra since I couldn't remember which were docile enough to go with a betta. Then I spotted some danio and though they would be great. I remembered reading that they could be housed with betta, and the tank requirements on the description of the fish indicated that they could be housed in my 5 gal tank. I knew that they were schooling fish so I bought 6 of them. I got them home and decided to look them up.......

I have come to realize that whomever said a little knowledge is dangerous, is correct. You see I have now learned that there are different types of danio and the zebra danio, the ones I bought, are extremely active, should be housed in a 20 gal tank, are likely to nip the fins of a betta, and are a bit to active for a bettas liking.... Some said that they had success keeping them with a betta, Pinkerton is an active little busy body so my brain went..."Try it!" Into the tank the insane fish posse went.

Pinkerton was very interested in his new tank mates and spent some time trying to chase them, but had no overt acts of aggression like flaring so after an hour I decided it would likely be alright and went off to join my friends for our Fri night game night. I got home 2AM and with the wisdom known to the over tired decided to research 10 gal tanks, and metal storage shelves to put it on, because I figured with more space would make everyone happy. I called it quits at 3:30 AM and noticed that Pinkerson was hiding behind the Ammonia Alert, something he's never done, so I abruptly with the wisdom know only to the exhausted set up my spare 2.5 gal tank. Did anyone else know that you can set up a tank in 10 min when you have to? Then proceeded to try and catch Zebra Danio, and get them into the newly set up tank..... Yeah that's easier said then done.... Zebra Danio are like a bunch of hornets amped up on Red Bull and 5 Hour Energy..... It took my around 45 min to catch 4 of them, at which point I gave up. So 4 are in the 2.5 gal, 2 are still in the 5 gal.

I feel sick today, sore throat, exhaustion, and headache will do that. I still have 2 Danio to try and net, a filter to put on the 2.5 gal, a neighbor to contact to see if she want to own the insane fish posse, and no energy to accompish any of it.

Folks learn from my mistakes, thoroughly research the exact type of fish you think you might want to get, and if you have any doubt do not, repeat, do not, put the fish in your tank if they are extremely active ones like the Danio are because they are a pain in the neck to get back out again!
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