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Primavera *flutters pectorals* - Hellow feed me? I has bubblenest, see? And ohhh look at that you fed me, thank you,
now I must go. Can I has some more food?

Duke - Oh, it's YOU. *flares* Food. Now.

Vanilla - Hello human! I see that you have arisen and are about to partake in your morning sustenance, please, please, please do feed me. I would be a much happier fish if I had some . . . oh, look at that! A new leaf in my pellia! Oh, look, food! Where did that come from? Hello there human! I have a bubblenest!

(the new girl) - Well, you look a little scary, but at least you're okay and won't hurt me. But . . . *flares* . . . I'm still not sure about you. Can I eat now? That IAL works wonders on my scales!
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