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A Boy Named Sue (blue veiltail boy).
Akiko/Aki (blue & red half moon girl).
Ruby Tuesday (white & red Crowntail girl).
The Crimson Ghost (red veiltail boy).
Hattori Hanzo (Black & red Crowntail boy).
The Thin White Duke (blue, purple & white grizzle twin-tail half moon boy).
Varuna/V (white & red longfin dragon scale).
Cherie (silver half moon girl).
Suzi (red & purple veiltail girl).
Lita (red veiltail girl).
Joan (blue & black veiltail girl).

I don't know how half these names happened. Ghost is an easy one - He's bright red. The Crimson Ghost was a 1940s sci-fi film & also the name of the mascot for the band The Misfits.

Hanzo just looked like a samurai fish & loves to flare & show off.

I'm told one translation of 'aki' in Japanese is "sparkle" - when I got her she had some silvery shine under the blue... It's mostly gone now that she's matured, but she may have the marble gene. I see little white spots & black spots coming & going. Oh, also, if you add the suffix '-ko' to a Japanese word or name it means "little" so "Aki" might mean sparkle & "Akiko" means little sparkle OR Little Aki, since Aki is also a feminine name. Like Autumn.

The Thin White Duke, or just Duke, honors David Bowie.

Varuna, I call him V. V is the Roman numeral for 5, & Varuna was the 5th Betta boy I got. Varuna is also a Hindu water god & a master of rebirth. This Betta was a rescue. He had SBD & had been tail-biting at the big-box LFS, so when he came home with me he was quite literally reborn: a new life, a total change. He's one of the happiest fish I've ever seen.

4 of the girls in the sorority are named for the band The Runaways (Suzi Quatro, Joan Jett, Lita Ford, Cherie Currie), & there's something about their looks that links them to their namesake. For example Lita is all red, & Lita Ford is known for her red B.C. Rich Warlock guitar from the 1980s.

There are reasons for all their names, I guess... many of them are music-related. I mean, Sue. A Boy. A Boy Named Sue. It's a Johnny Cash song!

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