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Thanks for the comments to all of you.

Well 14 days after and I have decided to try again the same couple. The reason is that the female had developed a large amount of eggs and it was noticable that she was on a better stage now than before. Buy at the end it was a no go again!

She was easier with the male but she refused to swim with him and on every attempt that she would have to get away from the male he would chase and bite her. I decided to let her in as she was releasing eggs while on the container inside the tank with the male. So I assumed that eventually she would accept to mate and all would be ok.

The next day she was yet on the same cycle were she wouldn't swim with the male and try to stay far from him. The male would dance multiple times on her and touching find and nothing would make her decide to spawn. It was clear to me that she was against matting with this guy.

As you can see on the picture she was heavily bitten on this process and for safety I had returned her to the quarentine tank so let her rest.

I have placed on the male tank inside the container a second female that I want to induce to spawn. I assume that she can stay there for a week and see if her hormones will call for mate season. Let's see how it goes.

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