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Originally Posted by Rainbo View Post
Fin bitters can bite all their fins, not just the caudal (tail). Those u shapes that are missing from his fins are classic for fin biting.

That's actually really good to know. I received a practically finless betta two days ago and have been at a loss on if I should treat him or just keep his tank clean and stress free to allow for regrowth. I've noticed no discoloration on the edges and he's pretty young, so I'm pretty hopeful he'll bounce back, but I still worry.
Now I know what to look for when I get home. :)

Loki, a lovely EE plakat in a five gallon tank with some shrimp and a snail.
Beo, a beautifully ugly little guy (or gal), who's fins are still too ripped and his age too young for me to tell anything beyond "small and brown" in a temporary 3 gallon.
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, two ADFs rooming temporarily homing with Beo.

Will eventually add a matching five for the frogs or Beo, depending on so many factors.

Hope to someday own a pea puffer with possibly some otos.
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