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thanks so much! I'm pretty sure it was my naughty cat that did it to the light. But when I went to the fist store I told the owner of the shop about my issue and he said I might be able to call the company up and see if they can order me a newer model. the light I have is the old one and more flimsy. the new one I was told is more stable.

I have A LOT of updates to report! I upgraded Copters tank from a 20 gallon to a 37! everything in the 20 gallon fits onto the 37 nicely. I looked up the detentions and found the perfect tank. I wanted to keep the light and top and the items in the tank. right now my drift wood is soaking and waiting for them to sink. I bought more Neon Tetras for the ten gallon and everything seems to be going smoothly. though I feel that "one eyed willy" had passed on. I'm sure it was the other fish picking oh him or infection kicked in. =(

anyway here are some photos of all my tanks so far:

Tank 1: 5 gallon, one betta, one assassin snail, one Nerite snail. Live planted tank with sponge filter.

Tank 2: 5 gallon Fluval Spec V. Anubias plants, one betta, one Nerite snail and small assassin snail babies wandering around. lol one of the plants has a flower bud!

Tank 3: 10 Gallon, with about 7 Pygmy corys, 7 Neon Tetras, and many assassin snails hiding about. All anubias with a riparium look on top.

Tank 4: 5 gallon, Shrimp and snail tank. (I had to move my ramshorn snails here. I think the Bladder snails were eating their eggs...) Natural planted tank with soil. I have SO MANY shrimp and soon to be snails for my puffer to snack on. I'll be keeping the older ones to breed. I feel bad that I have to use them for food but we all gotta eat right? and they are happy fat snails and Shrimp too!

Tank 5: Assassin snails. Bladder snails, and trumpet snails. I might add some small crabs in here in the future for food for my puffer when he is old enough. it's hard to see cause it's not a tank at all. It's just a large 5 to 7 gallon bucket I bought for cheap at target!

Tank 6: 37 Gallon Brackish tank. 7 bumblebee gobys and one Figure 8 puffer Copter! Fake plants due to it being brackish and I am worried I'll be painting a background for this tank to make it look beautiful. =)

that's all I have for now! thanks for viewing!

15 gallon: 1 Pea puffer, 5 harlequin rasboras, 5 neon green Rasboras, Clown pleco, Shrimp.
10 gallon: 2 betta's and a snail
10 gallon: 1 Pea puffer, two Guppies and 6 Panda loaches and shrimp.
5 gallon: Red Cherry Shrimp and snails
5 gallon tank: WIP tank
37 gallon: 2 F8 Puffers 7 bumblebee gobies.
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