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Welcome to the Forum!

Both Betta are beautiful!!!

I hope you take this in the spirit it is meant:

Your boy is a multi-color but not a marble. Note that marbles do not have banding like your boy. Defined by the International Betta Congress (governing body for Betta enthusiasts):

"The Marble Betta, like the Butterfly, is a Patterned Betta. However, it is variegated in a different manner. The key differences are the lack of fin banding and the presence of other colors on the body in a 'marbled' effect. Two types of Marbles exist, the 'Traditional Marble' and the newer 'Colored Marble' which may have many colors other than the black/flesh/white combination. Though cellophane is sometimes considered to be a genetic marble variant, it is not classed as a marble phenotypically. The fins and body must show at least two colors. These must include a light and dark color mix. Fish exhibiting sharp 'edges' to the marbling pattern are preferred over those with blended colors."

While a multi is:

"This designation is for Bettas with two, preferably three or more colors that do not fit into any of the other patterned categories. Ideally, the colors are in high contrast to each other. The colors are those normally seen in Bettas. However, simply having the head alone a different color or only having a different color (Black head in traditional iridescent colors) or only having a different color on the tip of the ventrals is not sufficient to be designated as Multicolor. Judges need be particularly cautious of Bettas shown as Multicolor that show as a second color only a fine wash, such as a 'Blue with a bad Red wash.' which is not sufficient."

Your girl is a lovely orange and white but she is a normal scale; not a Dragon. A Dragon should have a solid opaque body with thick scales that look as if they've been brushed with thick paint. Their scales should look like a knight's armor.

Whether one shows or not, the IBC judge's PDF is a really good reference for types, patterns and colors because oftentimes sellers get it wrong. You might want to join or at least download from the link below (and free issues of "Flare").

Best of luck to you in your breeding program!

Click on Exhibition Standards for right download:

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