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Journal: Betta Life Story
Entry #1

I thought I would just list all my bettas, and write a little paragraph about each one, okay?
Okay, here goes nothing!

Adoption: 8/11/18 PetSmart
Type: Rosetail Halfmoon
Gender: Male

Well, Martin is my favorite betta, little does everyone know, but he's so beautiful!
I actually went to the store to pick up a classic VT betta, but he stood out way too much to pass up, his fins were simply gorgeous by how long and thick they are.
He was in some dirty water, but great condition, so I brought him home. I actually haven't bought a betta from PetSmart in a long time, so this was the first.
I got him labeled as "Premium Rosetail Male" but even though premium isn't a thing really, he is fit to be called that!
He's been a magnificent betta so far, loving his planted side, plenty of thick leaves to lay on and swim around.

Adoption: 1/17/18 PetCo
Type: Halfmoon
Gender: Male

Luna has a huge background story, so let's tell it!
I got my very first betta years after breaking from the hobby and was completely new at the time.
Winter of 2016, I went to PetSmart with my dad to pick up a betta, because he said it was a great time to start again.
I had a wonderful time caring for Luna, he was my first betta in over five years, so that made me really new to this hobby.
Sadly, he passed away in early 2017, and I moved on leaving the name Luna in the grave. I then bought another betta a year later, on the very same day, naming it Luna after the previous, just to relive those moments.

Adoption: 7/26/18 PetCo
Type: HMPK
Gender: Male

I have never owned a plakat betta, so he's my first one!
When I went to PetCo a couple months back, I saw this guy and really wanted to get him, so I did.
He was brought home and introduced into a divided ten gallon tank with silk plants.
Later, he got live plants and was kept there for another month or so before being moved into the 20 gallon long, divided betta tank.
I love him a lot, he flares at the mirror, does a silly dance for food, but surprisingly hates bloodworms or any frozen foods, only pellets for this guy.

Adoption: 3/30/18 PetCo
Type: Crowntail
Gender: Male

Santiago, one of the most interestingly colored betta, haven't ever owned a yellow betta before him!
I went with my family to PetCo, we were actually there for bettas, and I planned to get two for the empty tanks that I had set up.
He jumped out at me when I was choosing a female betta, so I made the choice to get him too!
My brother was with me too, he was picking up a 29 gallon tank for hermit crabs, so this was a good chance to buy some bettas.
I came home with him and female betta, which lived in a ten gallon tank, while he had to stay in an unfiltered three gallon while my dad ordered an emergency filter for him.

I am really proud and lucky to own these amazing bettas, they have each made a good place in my heart where I will remember them by.
Bettas have always been a big passion of mine, they are special fish with the most amazing personalities, each has a different one!
I like to help others with their bettas, whether setting up a new tank, or dealing with a problem, I am here to help!
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