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Most Tropicals are compatible temperature-wise. It is the cold water fish like White Cloud Minnows which are not.

Doubling up on Rainbo's advice on cycling the tank. I do fish-in and if you use Seachem Prime you should have no issues with your Betta. But, wait at least a month before adding new fish as the cycle needs time to stabilize. I would caution that without live plants shrimp do not normally do well so I would skip invertebrates. You could add a snail immediately after the cycling is complete. Mystery or Assassin Snails are good choices. But not Nerite snails as most will only eat natural algae; not wafers or vegetables. They need a mature tank with established algae. The number one cause of death in Nerites is starvation because people see them skate over the non-algae and assume they are eating. It can take them months to starve to death so people do not realize what is the problem.

Pack the tank with plants so the fish you add (prey) are less stressed about living with a Betta (predator). And lest you think I am anti-community tanks know that I have had them for 40 years and have them today. But there are considerations one must give to make the habitat comfortable for *all* species.

Have fun!

Oh, here is something that may help you...

AqAdvisor - Intelligent Freshwater Tropical Fish Aquarium Stocking Calculator and Aquarium Tank/Filter Advisor

My 60-Year Aquarium and 53-Year Betta Addictions

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