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Hmmm seems the Internet Goblins ate my last post, oh well time for a double update.

16th November 2018
So I purchased a new Tank for Kojin and the Clean up Crew (1st Picture), another Ciano Product (these are cheap and include everything required for a quick set up - minus a heater) the Nexus 25 LED. The additional bonus is that I am less worried about clumsy colleagues knocking this tank.

I have planted the tank with Anubias Barteri, Microsorum Pteropus (not sure but this was the labelled name) and Salvinia Auriculata, River Sand and a capping layer of small slate rock/shingle. Also included is Mopani wood. I also have the ability to exchange in either a Floating Rock or a Large-ish piece of Marble that I core drilled through a couple of times to add variation and height to the tank.

24th November 2018
It is now approximately three weeks before the Office shuts for the Christmas and New Years break so I decided to set up Kojin’s Holiday home, currently this is also being used to try and Propagate some freshwater plants that I brought home as I felt the Office Tank was becoming far too over crowed.

Currently in the tank I have the substrate as a mixture of Slate, River Sand and Aquarium Gravel. This has been used to try and encourage root growth; currently in this tank I have the following;
• Anubias Barteri
• Cryptocoryne Wendtii
• Java Fern
• Microsorum Pteropus (again not sure as could have been mislabelled)
• Salvinia Auriculata

(2nd and 3rd pictures)

My plan is to cycle the tank until the week commencing 17th December 2018 when I will bring Kojin and the Clean Up Crew home for the holidays. He shall be returning to the office on the week commencing 7th January 2019.

After this I will be looking at picking up another two Betta Fish, one for the 2nd smaller Office tank and another one for my Home Tank/ Propagation Station. I still really want a Sorority Tank but deep down I know that my current set ups are not large enough for that!

Also will be trying to get a nice Picture of Kojin, if he ever stays still long enough without sleeping and looking like he's dead!
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