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3rd December 2018 Update - Continued

So I have rapidly set up the tank and started the cycle, I want to be able to leave some invertebrates in these tanks so that when I return in the new year I can add my fish almost immediately into their permanent home. The planting is a little rough and I did not manage to get all of the plants that I wanted so will keep an eye out in case I spot any of these on my travels.

Purchased Plants
• Anubias Barteri Angustfolia x 2
• Anubias Barteri Nana
• Cryptocoryne Wendtii x2
• Echinodorus “Bleherae”
• Echinodorus “Reni”x2

So this is what I did with the individual plants; once all had been lightly bleached and soaked in pre treated water for roughly an hour, I do this so that the root fibre relaxes and I can get the plant out easier.

Anubias Barteri Angustfolia
I have placed this on the left side of the tank in between the middle and top pieces of slate, I have don this so that the plant does not float away and has been positioned so that the plant and rocks act as a natural baffle for the Betta fish that I eventually place within the tank.

I am hoping that this plant starts to emerge from the tank as it has been planted at a high level within the Aquarium

Anubias Barteri Nana
This has been placed on the right side of the tank, mainly to try and soften the Hardscape and to give some symmetry to the tank without it appearing mirrored due to the size difference between the Anubias Strains,

Cryptocoryne Wendtii
I got so many Individual stems of Crypts once I took them out of the potting root fibre, I patiently spend 30-40 minutes separating and placing these at low and medium levels within the tank, I had so much left over that I have also added some into Kojin’s existing smaller tank.

Echinodorus Bleherae
Thankfully when I opened the packet and removed the root fibre I saw that I had two separate plants, one was already very tall and had produced a flower stem, this has been planted at the rear of the tank with the stem emerging from the water. The second plant was re introduced into its pot once I had replaced the root fibre with aquarium gravel and slate pieces. This has been placed on the top slate to encourage emergent growth and hopefully train the roots to “fall down” the face of the slate.

Echinodorus Reni
I have not used this plant but love the deep red, almost brown colouration of the leaves. As a result I have placed these two plants in the Central line of the Slate Structure to break up the leaf pattern of the Crypts and to add a splash of colour.

Couple of hurried shots before my boss arrived, I will be fiddling with this layout until I add the livestock
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