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Originally Posted by trahana View Post
Lol, no wonder we couldn't figure out, those long fins weren't showing up in the pictures. It says they can get to 6" long, how big is your tank?
nevermind, I see its 20g. The skirt tetra only picks on others when its not in a school. They like having at least 4 others of their same breed and color. The gourami is a semi-agressive, so rehoming is probably best.
Yeah, the first thing I am going to be doing is taking the whole tank apart, getting ride of the horrible neon gravel, adding a good substrate and aquascaping it with live plants, rocks, a proper filter, and lights. Then I will start getting the Emperor Tetra a couple friends, and the Black Skirt tetras a couple females. Then it is finding the goldfish and the Guorami new homes and finally adding some fancy guppies and corys.
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