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A College Student and Her Beloved Bettas

Hello everyone!

Being new to betta fish, I figured I ought to track my growth as a betta mama in a place where feedback and criticism is readily available. I have two betta males, one HMDT named Salem and a 7-ish week old betta fry who I suspect is some sort of round or veil tail.

Salem is my oldest betta from September 2018. He has a crooked spine which I believe to be moderate scoliosis. He is a very aggressive fish and is so obsessed with his reflection that his tail has been torn to pieces. I attempted to upgrade him to a 5.5 and even a 10 gallon tank in hopes of the increased space would calm him down but the biting only got worse. He is back in a 2.5 gallon where he happily sits in his lantern hut and carefully guards his bubble nests from the likes of the filter.

My baby betta is unnamed. His ventral fins are uneven but his goofy look only makes me adore him more. Being a college student, I was unsure if the little guy would survive the long ride home for winter break but he is indeed thriving. He is currently in a heated 10 gallon grow out tank where he will stay for the duration of my break before I split the 5.5 gallon between him and Salem once next semester starts and he won't be able to swim through the divider in place. (Also, the divider I had DIY-ed was not fry proof and he charged Salem... it was a fun night to say the least. Regardless, I invested in one of LifewithPets dividers.)



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