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Green algae

The Green Algae is not a bad thing really. It's showing the tank is doing well. Now that said a green bloom on your plants is natural. You say you put in a zebra snail which is doing well. How about putting in about 3 more mystery or nitrate snails. They love climbing the plants and eating the algae off of them and they wont eat your plants. If your tank is close to a window which offers natural light than either move the tank from the window or only use your tank light 6-8 hours a day, I have a FrugaRay planted + 16 inch from Finnex greatest light I have ever used. Plants grow great on an 8 hour timer. But I still get algae on the sides and on the plants. I clean the sides with a scraper daily but I leave the algae to my 4 mystery snails and the plants all look good. Use Flourish once a week 1/2 teaspoon and your plants will do very well. You also said you found spots on some of your leaves? are they moving? if they are than I would remove the plants and dip them in bleach. Either that or assassin snails will do that job right quick. I never like those little critters. Worse than flees and bed bugs.
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