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I have found small tanks a big challenge with out a doubt. I like my bigger tanks for the room and the ability to control the way it's planted and better filtration. In my 75 gal. I use a canister filter which will filter 900 gal. per Hour and a 300 gal. per hour HOB. In this way not only am I getting the filtration at both ends (top and bottom of the tank) and in this way the tank stays crystal clear and the canister filter doesn't need changed as often. In my 29 gallon I use a canister filter and also a HOB which together filter about 600 gph. Yes I do over filter these tanks but with the 29 gal. I have pushed the limit of fish in the tank by about 15 and the 75 gal. also over stocked, so in this case filtration is a must. My 75 gal. is home to African Cichlids from Lake Victoria Bottom is all White sand with some plants but mostly Rocks built up with hides for breeding and homes for 56 fish. All the new fry I let go until they are big enough and feeding well and then sold to a local buyer or traded for supplies. (keeps my cost down). So I do find it harder to cycle and keep a smaller tank, but I do have a lot more fun, and it keeps me busy, and out of trouble, which my Wife likes.
If you want to go bigger for your boy try a 10 gallon heavy planted (more Nano tank than fish tank.) I have one Double tail, My oldest boy, in my 10 gallon and he has been with me for 8 years and at times I get a friends female that he breeds with and after they hatch he gets all the fry. (just a treat for the old boy) he's a good father. LOL. The longer your in to fish Keeping the more you learn and the more you want to try. It's a hobby you will love for life. Nothing like sitting in the fish room with my wife, and nothing but the tank lights on, and some soft music just watching the fish. So soothing.
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