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Originally Posted by Sorority_Mad View Post
Oh, sorry I thought they were spare, what happened with the heater?
Anyways been down LFS on lunch break and picked up a few things.
Picked up a couple of Yellow Rabbit Snails, RCS and picked up another female to make the total 5. (dark fish didn't make it - found behind cabinet, must have jumped through tiniest hole in lid. Tank lid now 100% escape proof with use of wire mesh. She is from same dealer and same age as previous females that i picked up
No idea, came home one day and was a big hole in side of the tank and the heater was for want of a better word spread thinly over the lounge, looks like it exploded in all honesty. So wet vac came out and spent ages taking up the internal flood.

Oh I've looked at Yellow Rabbit's before but never had any, will be interesting to see how they do.

How you getting on for names for these girls?

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