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Me I'm type 2 and have been now since 2000, I had it under control taking pills and watching my diet, until Sep. of this year When for unknown reasons I started having pain in my back one morning which only got worse as the week went on. When I returned home and went to my DR. he sent me for tests. They found an abscess between my chest wall and skin on my right side. Hospitalized for a week and finally they removed all 6 pounds of it. Worst pain I have ever had. Since being released from the hospital and 4 months later I have had to go on insulin. I was disqualified as a CDL driver and retired. The reason for the insulin was because two of the Meds I was taking the insurance co. would not pay for any longer, and the cost for both per mo. was $600.00. Even if I continued to Drive I couldn't afford that. So now being back home full time and retired I went back to keeping my fish, (took that job away from my wife, which she took over when I went back on the road. she is very glad for my retirement in that respect. and it is taking quite the adjustment for me to be this inactive.)
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