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Originally Posted by RussellTheShihTzu View Post
I do not use an image host. Instead, I post directly from my computer. They never disappear...sometimes much to my chagrin.
On other forums there's a cap on how much you can upload and I reached it fast, so never tried here.

So on Saturday my husband and i went to a Petco, not our closest one as its fish care is [censor]. Went with the intention of getting 1 betta for my 7g cube, and if my husband wanted one, another for the 8g jumbo bubble bowl (that he could move to his 10g half moon after its current resident passes-she's getting very old).

Had a had time biting my lip and not snapping at a family with 2 kids getting a death trap 'betta tank' and over hearing the son saying "yeah it killed my last one" about a previous fish..Mom looked like a total [censor] that would start a fight so I stayed quiet.. RIP little bettas bought by them...

I was inspecting every fish in the betta section for a long while. One of the early finds was a copper (with red and white metallic fins) half giant (king betta) with sbd (swim bladder disease/disorder), he didn't react much to me but when my husband held his cup he was more responsive. Guy was so massive he couldn't even move in that tiny container! Just lay on his side and wait to die.. There was another half giant, healthier but the more common 'wild' coloration blue/black/red that looked similar to a half giant my husband got a few years ago and lived in a heated/filtered/planted pond pot.
I found they had 6 elephant ear (dumbo) betta females. I've owned 2 EEs in the past, love their 'jazz hands' as my husband calls them pectoral fins. Wanted a female with all the driftwood a longer finned male might get more fin damage. The girls were so tiny and it was hard to choose but I finally went with the palest one (stress) who would zoom around her cup when I picked it up.
Had a woman working the fish section transfer my chosen betta girls to a bag with her original water to make taking home easier. We looked at dog toys then started towards checkout when I reminded my husband he could put a betta in my 8g if he wanted one. We ended up going back for the copper boy that was more interactive with my hubby. Had him (separately) bagged, got through checkout and tucked them both inside my husband's winter jacket to keep warm for the drive home.

Did a 70% water change on both of their tanks then started acclimating them. The size difference is so ridiculous the half giant could eat (though probably chock on) the tiny female EE. Anyways the half giant was happy for some warm clean water with the drip acclimation and stayed near the dripper, his finned unclamped while acclimating too.

After a long drip and a bag float to make sure they were at temp they were released into their respective tanks. The little girl just diapered in the large wood and anubias. The half giant was very thrashy and nearly broke loose from my hands when transferred from bag to tank, nearly lost him. He spent all of Saturday and Sunday resting at the bottom of the tank-he'd move but I'd never see him swim, just in a new spot. The little EE girl explored er tank and colored up by late Sunday.

Was worried about the half giant over the weekend but on Monday i saw him swim around. he still has some sbd but he's moving around and doing well. Going to feed dafphnia tomorrow to purge any lingering blockage (you should not feed peas to bettas, they cannot process vegetation-they're carnivores).
Little EE girl got her first meal monday, blood worms and she loved them-learned really quick to come over where I wanted here in just 1 feeding, and not shy about my finger after food ^^

I'm calling my little EE girl Willow. And unofficially calling the half giant Titan (techincally my husband's fish).

photo dump time, excuse the diatoms in Titan's tank.

Titan is clearly hungry and nipping at salvinia (when he's not looking at himself in the thermometer reflection (I think he may be vain) so thawing daphnia in garlic extract atm, once room temp will try to feed with pippet. I don't want him nibbling the floating plants and getting clogged up-that's what killed Magnus.

Photos do not do these 2 justice.

[Started updating my Journal again, view here]
Due to photobuckets bs cost for use of images on forums I have deleted all photobucket accounts. I apologize if you enjoyed or found my old photos helpful.
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