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Originally Posted by bluesamphire View Post
Awww. Poor little nibblets. They must have been so stressed.
Very glad you have given these two a good home.

Hopefully the sorority will settle a bit now.

Maybe it was just too many in the tank?

Would love to see the 40g though... that is the kind of tank I have always wanted... still want... and am very unlikely to ever have.
I hope it will, I took the two most aggressive (and stressed) fish that i witnessed in the hope that it will settle the community down a bit now. I'm not sure about the amount from what little I have read it seems that he was following generally accepted advise(overstock as opposed to understock). I've always wanted to try a Sorority tank but never had the space, money, spares or knowledge to attempt to try it. It was a beautiful tank though, I will get a photograph of it if i ever visit again.

On the plus side I have a nice collection of Bettas now

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