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Who wants to see the improvement after only two days? Both of these have been in tank that are 78F and have had the lights off since I added them. I spoke to the sorority tank guy last night, it seems that his tank has calmed down since the removal. I'm keeping my fingers crossed as I am now officially 100% unable to take in any more fish for the time being until I upgrade my office tank (soon i hope).

Most of the striping has gone from Lapis now and her colour is slowly starting to come back. You can kind of see the purple colouration on the 1st picture. She is eating very well and active in her little silk plant. Apologies for the dried water marks on the tank, today is water change and maintenance day and I was just happy to show her off. Very excited about this fish as I have 0 idea what she will look like. She is a very playful little fish, she has already learned how to beg for food. If you are wondering about the white foam, I can only place this tank here on my desk and this 1 side gets a lot of sunlight throughout the day. The easiest option was the Pond Filter foam (I will be using this as an divider in larger tanks) plus RCS and Baby Shrimp love it. Also she loves this heater, does not stray too far from it, except for food.

Next we have Opal from this morning (White foam is HMF filter in this tank-my RCS are berrying in this at the minute and the only filter I have for this 2G lowest setting is over 200 times the flow rate so needs baffling) She really is becoming so active. I think that she is possibly the fastest fish that I have seen. In between darting around the tank and following my finger she swims through hoops for food and likes to watch me work from her position on her leaf(top leave nearest front) where she watches me work with great interest. She also really likes splashing on the surface, so that is now all but 1 Betta fish that likes Shallow area's. I feel I need shares in a local Quarry
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