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Originally Posted by bluesamphire View Post
Good gracious, I am too old for this lark 😉
Everything aches!

It was always awkward doing water changes for Tagawa’s old tank position (in alcove beside sofa), and hoiking out 15 gallons, including fish and plants, moving, cleaning and setting up (including cabinet) in an equally awkward position in the kitchen has left me with aches in places I didn’t know I had!
Thumbs, back, neck, shoulders, even the soles of my feet!
Still it is good practice for setting up the 200litre
Maybe I should get to the gym before that. Lol.

Tagawa seems happy with the new spot though. He kept his happy dark colour throughout the whole move, and took command of the tank in minutes, which is always a good sign. And he is loving the 2 new catappa leaves I have floated in there.
He is a beautiful boy. Those colors are simply fantastic.
As for the aches and pains. I live with those every day. But my wife keeps telling me it's old age. (Old , Old, I'll show you Old, just as soon as I can straighten up and the cracking of my knees stop.) LOL. If you get my drift Young lady. LOL I'm not being nasty LOL
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