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Originally Posted by Twist View Post
My friend was asking what sort of thing I wanted for my birthday and I mentioned that I was wanting to put some plants in my betta tank. I honestly don't know a lot about freshwater plants since all I ever grew was a few Amazon Sword plants in my community tank over ten years ago.

One that he found was the Anubias Nana plant that's already tied to some driftwood and comes with a couple of rhizomes. I did a little research on it and it seems like it would be a fairly simple plant to start with.

Anyone who knows more about plants have any experience with this? It's an Anubias Nana Petite. If this isn't an appropriate plant, does anyone have any suggestions for good starter plants that might do well in this kind of setup:

I currently have a two gallon hex aquarium with LED lighting and a low flow bio filter. The only inhabitant is a female betta.
I don't buy Anubias already attached but always attach them to driftwood or rocks. The whole Anubias family is a very easy plant to care for, although they are very slow growing. I have some growing in a windowsill tank with only natural light and it is growing fairly well.

Any of the "easy" plants on here would also be a good addition

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