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As Ratvan has said any of the Anubias family is easy to grow and maintain. They are a low light plant, do not require c02 or plant tabs (you may want to add flourish once a week for feeding) Flourish is a fertilizer supplement and plants do very well with it. If you plant the Anubias in substrate Do not cover the rhizomes. you cover the roots only. These plants are easy to attach to rocks, drift wood, and other decor. But I also do that myself, or like so many times in my tanks I float them until I get a good root system going, and then plant the roots in my substrate.

Java ferns, tropical ferns, and many types of bunch plants are also very easy to start with and require low light. Something more to think about. When buying your plants at a store or I should say out of a tank in the store, If you see one pond snail in the tank, Don't, I repeat DON'T buy the plant, You run the risk of taking home an infestation of these little pest to an otherwise healthy tank. There are plants in the stores that are snail free. (in plastic Tubes) they cost more but the don't give you an infestation. In these look for the plants that have no dead leaves or as few dead leaves as you can get. When you get them home you can trim the dead leaves and plant. They do very well.

I hope most of this information helps.
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