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Was kind of hoping to avoid CO2 if I could, but probably better to use it to keep a stable environment. I've never kept live aquarium plants before, and my tank is only 9 litres (2.3 Gallons), so I'm not sure how to dose the CO2 without hurting anything. At least a Betta has the benefit of their labyrinth organ if the water becomes depraved of oxygen. Will have aeration though.

Lighting is most likely the problem with my current tank. My tank isn't a kit, but the light I found for it is pretty meek (better than leaving the fish without one). Though the tank does also sit near a window, maybe it doesn't get enough light from indirect sources either. I did try to add a brighter light, but it freaked him out. I think he might have felt too exposed with the fairly limited decor in the tank, which is one reason I'd like to put together a more natural environment for him. He likes his silk plant, but I think he'd love real ones better.

I bought a brighter light for the tank I'm setting up (though I didn't have plants in mind at the time), it's just some cheap thing from China off of eBay, but the algae has been loving it. The Ambullia bunch I acquired unplanned (someone gave it to me, which I then chucked into the tank because I didn't know what to do with it) seems to like it too, as well as the high kH in my tap water.

I'll look into the API buffer some more, and maybe the SeaChem Neutral Regulator as options for stabilizing my pH. From what I've found on Betta, 6.8-7 is close to their preferred range. Stability is my main concern with the rain water.

At the current time, the plants I'm looking to use in the tank are the Ambullia and Anubias Nana. Both of which are fairly easy and undemanding plants that will do well in lower light conditions, from my understanding.

I'll do more research into what I need to do for those plants specifically.
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