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I don't know that it would be considered as a strong light (it will illuminate a tank) and really any light on the tank would do for low light plants like Anubis, and java fern. For a substrate I would use something like river sand. The Anubis doesn't need to be planted. You can float it in the tank, they both have rhizome that can not be buried in the substrate. The roots can be but the rhizome must stay uncovered. This is why Anubis is usually anchored on a rock or driftwood. or the roots covered in substrate. As far as fertilizers you would use a liquid supplement like SeaChem flourish once a week and then only a few drops for a 3 gallon tank.

You really killed duck weed???
I think you need to get a hold of RussellTheShihTzu She has never been able to get rid of that stuff for years. I think she'd like to know how you did it.

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