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I have always recommended Finnex lighting. I have the Planted Plus on every tank I have (3 5.5 gal. 1 10 gal. 1 29 gal. 1 75 gal. and my newest a 55 gal. When ever I set up a tank I figure everything I'm going to need for that setup. Finnex lighting is the third thing on my list every time. I have always had planted tanks. I find it easy to care for the plants. Three main needs of a planted tank are Water quality, lighting and depending on the plants I'm going to put in the substrate. With these three things your plants have a great chance to survive. In some cases I need to use plant tabs for fertilizers and supplement that with SeaChem flourish. And depending on the plants need for food I will dose the tank daily with CO2. A three gallon tank would be a very nice nano tank size. heavily planted and a nice betta for a splash of color.
for any betta keeper that wants a planted tank the rule of thumb is, If you can see your betta in the tank at a glance you don't have enough plants. You may not have room for more than 3-4 plants but realize they grow and spread.

My newest 5.5 gallon tank is a complete jungle. I have 18 different plants 6 mystery snails, and a Petco black orchard betta named Ben. The substrate is plain white sand. I have not used any plant tabs since the plants thrive in the tank. I do however dose with flourish once a week to supplement their nutrition. I have a 16 inch Finnex planted plus light that I have on for no more than 8 hours a day.
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