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If you are determined to use that light then you are going to need to stick to low light plants.

I like a sand substrate but it needs to be washed really well before using it or you will get a sediment cloud that could last for weeks. You can opt for a sediment that is made for plants, but you really only need that if you are going to be growing plants that need to be planted in the substrate and that require higher light then the light you linked to. You can also use gravel.

Depending on the plants you grow you'll need either a liquid fertilizer or root tabs (fertilizer that goes in the substrate). I started with Flourish Tabs for the plants I grow in the substrate, and Flourish (NOT Flourish Excel) for the plants that feed from the substrate.

Some good plants that are undemanding and don't require much light are anubias, java fern, and anacharis. They can be floated in the aquarium, or attached to rocks or driftwood. Dose the tank with some Flourish a couple times a week once they start growing and they'll do fine.

One tip I can give you is that most plants do not do well if the water gets above 80 degrees.

Oh and I managed to kill duckweed to! No idea how I accomplished it or why it died..
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