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Ben is back to being Ben again. (I think I scared him good yesterday when My wife and I left early for Pittsburgh PA. ) I fed him before we left for the second time that morning (first feeding is at 6:00 am then 12:00 noon, then 3:00 pm and once again before I turn the light out around 6:00 pm. ) We didn't get home until 9:30 pm last night so he was scared I wasn't going to feed him any more. When We got home I did feed him and waited until he was full before saying good night and turning the light out. This morning he was back to his old self. LOL (amazing what being off schedule will do)

He is happy now and likes the exploration faze of this new look. He is also starting to patrol his tank also.

As for the ribbon plants I knew they were not completely aquatic. And as soon as they get to the surface I'll lower the water level a little and leave them grow out. I'll put a 2 inch wide piece of Plexiglas over the front top and hope the snails don't escape. Ben has never tried to jump out so I don't think he will cause a problem. And if I have to replace them in a few months, at the price of $6.00 US It's well worth it for the looks of the tank.

Ben has taken to laying on the top leaf of the one in the front and just watching me at the desk. He's now back pesting one of the two snails I have left and making sure it does it's job right. I'm going to have to get a clip that will hold lettuces so the snails will have something to eat. These wafers just aren't cutting it. and they don't eat off of them, they just make a mess of the tank.
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