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Well Ben is back to being Ben. Happy little Gus. Since cleaning and complete tear down I have been really checking the water parameters. I really thought I would have to cycle the tank again. When I put the new Azoo Mignon 150 on the tank I had placed old filter media from the other filter in. And then a day later the 4-1 filter media came from Azoo. I took out all the old media and filled the space with the 4-1 media. The first day I had a high reading of ammonia which spiked at 0.2. and the nitrite was raised. The nitrate was within the range of 0-10 so no big deal there. I did a 25% water change and tested again in 24 hours. The ammonia and nitrite dropped to 0, the nitrate was at 5. I tested every day since and have done 2 25% water changes this week just to be sure. The cycle seems to be back on track and all readings have been 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, and 5 nitrate. (it must be the filter media.) In all the years I've been fish keeping I have never seen a cycle restart like it had never been broken. The readings are those of an established tank. Maybe the use of the old plants had something to do with it. (I don't Know)

I do notice a slight algae bloom starting also. (the snails will be pleased) I also noticed the water a little cloudy with a bacteria bloom, but then again I expected that with the complete cleaning that was done.
I started the new setup with using Prime and dosing the double dose required the first day and I still have 1 more day of dosing. Looks like the bacteria colony started and is growing nicely.

Or this whole restart and cycle restart was just Dumb luck on my part. (NOOOOOOOO it doesn't work that way.)
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