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Hello and welcome Swagata! It is almost 5a.m. here in California but wanted to reply to your inquiry before getting a little more sleep in. Your Betta story was interesting and proves it was meant to be (You rescuing your new guy). It is a little hard too really see him so perhaps you could put him in a clear plastic cup for photos.
First off let me say that his new home seems fairly good in that it is a decent size and though you don't have a filter, the frequent water changes is a must. Live food is always a plus but if you want him to eat pellets or flakes as his main staple, you may have to refrain from feeding him anything else until he gets hungry enough to finally eat it. Then once he is used to eating the dry food, then give him the live food as an occasional treat.
It is fortunate that your weather is naturally warm so a heater is not necessary but you should get a thermometer nonetheless to monitor the water temperature. Also, water lettuce is a great idea as I have some in all of my tanks (6 in total) as well. The Bettas love it and benefit from its oxygenating and water conditioning properties. One other thing that your new guy would also love would be some dried Indian Almond (Catappa) leaves to provided beneficial tannins. Just make sure they are washed, cleaned and dried before adding them to the water (Check out the many YouTube videos online for more info.). This will make him happy as it will create a more natural Betta environment 😁.
Good luck and congratulations on your new purchase. He is fortunate to have you as his new owner! 💙🐟

Originally Posted by Swagata Sarkar View Post
long message!! please bear with me!! i'm just too excited!![IMG class=inlineimg]/images/Bettafish_2016/smilies/tango_face_grin.png[/IMG][IMG class=inlineimg]/images/Bettafish_2016/smilies/tango_face_grin.png[/IMG]

Went to the local fish store, to get a pair of guppies (One of mine died after jumping out of the bucket where he was kept).
went to my nearest shop, Entered , saw 4 guppies, bought two of them, the guy at the shop started getting them into the bags. I being me, was fascinated at the sight in front of me, fish!! fish!! fishes everywhere!!
asked him about electric blue gouramis which were swimming merrily in a tank in lower racks. The guys saw me and said "they are hard to keep". exact things that came in my mouth "yeah, yeah you wish".......
there were some cichlid fries swimming at one tank. It was mesmerising.
the guy was still getting the fish ready.
i first got a chance to get a betta when i bought my first fish bowl (please don't judge me, because i killed 4 fish in matter of weeks) the fish shop owners in India just try to get rid of their stock and he told me that i can keep 4 fishes in that bowl (it was a 2 gallon bowl so as he said, i very cheerfully bought 2 black pangasius and two calico koi carps!!! they really died an agonising death[IMG class=inlineimg]/images/Bettafish_2016/smilies/tango_face_crying.png[/IMG][IMG class=inlineimg]/images/Bettafish_2016/smilies/tango_face_crying.png[/IMG]) the shop also had, from what i remember, a solid red VT, he was rather young and was anything but happy, he was being kept with arounf 50 goldfishes in a current!!!

i asked the shopkeeper if i can get him. he told me that i can get him if i did not wish to spend money every other week because the betta will keep killing the fish other than him. So being a good kid that i was[IMG class=inlineimg]/images/Bettafish_2016/smilies/tango_face_angel.png[/IMG][IMG class=inlineimg]/images/Bettafish_2016/smilies/tango_face_angel.png[/IMG], i didnt get him[IMG class=inlineimg]/images/Bettafish_2016/smilies/tango_face_plain.png[/IMG] and i regret it.

coming to present, the shopkeeper nets the guppies and pours water. i notice a small packet floating in a goldfish tank. It was a betta, still in those tiny bags in which they are shipped in from breeders. He was possibly the last of his lot that he arrived in because he was the only guy left there. i was overjoyed!! (Backstory, i was looking for a betta for about a month now, so you know[IMG class=inlineimg]/images/Bettafish_2016/smilies/tango_face_grin.png[/IMG][IMG class=inlineimg]/images/Bettafish_2016/smilies/tango_face_grin.png[/IMG])

i asked him if he was booked, shop keeper said no, then i asked him how much would he charge for the guy, he said Rs 50, or about $0.7, looked at my friend who was with me and....... i took him!!!

he looked purple in colour, but it didn't matter because all i cared for was that he was a betta. the guy took out the small packet in which the fish was and literally shakes the packet to get the water off, and i kept watching him in horror, WTH are you doing to my buddy??!!! he chucked the packet in the same bag with my guppies and gave them to me. paid him the price and went straight home.

i was just too eager to get him out of that tiny packet so i quickly started to aclamatize him and introduced him to his new home, with 3 guppies.

the betta kept on chasing them so ultimately i shifted the guppies into a new bucket and left the whole bucket to him.

DAY 1:
since i couldn't really get to look at the betta at shop, i started examining him at our home, he turned out to be a brown one with steel blue fins with red in between. when flaring, the blue and red become more vivid and the upper portion of the body turns to a shade of dark blue while the brown still remains dominant. A veil tail with a slight defect at upper part of his tail, i say its a defect because he doesn't show any signs of fin rot. as cheap as i got him, i actually don't vother about the defect. He mostly slept that day, just as weirdly as other bettas sleep, burrowing his head in marbles and upside down [IMG class=inlineimg]/images/Bettafish_2016/smilies/tango_face_grin.png[/IMG]. i covered his bucket for the night because you know, they can easily represent countries in high jump.

DAY 2:
He looked a bit hungry, so i offered him a small fly, didn't show any interest. i started touching the fly on the surface of water, mimicking a drowning insect. the guy got interested, swam up, hovered under the fly and ate it. I was a happy man!!. i put a glass jar inside his bucket he investigated it the whole day. gave him another fly at night and covered the bucket with space for gas exchange (obviously)

DAY 3: i.e. Today
I had to visit our family friends so i fed him a fly (he shows no interest in dry pellets that my guppies eat) i covered him and left. i returned just now and my buddy has made his first bubble nest!!! he looked more vibrant than ever and i was again a happy man.

He lives in a white, 20 ltr bucket, with plants and a jar that he has made his home. i exercise him twice for about 30 secs using a mirror and feed him two times roughly 11 hours apart. Since there is no filter in a bucket i will change 50% water every 3 days with a full change every week. Temperature here in delhi are rising so the water stays in optimum range throughout day. No stress lines, and he swims with his fins spread out.

so here is all i did, now i want you guys to advice me how i can keep my buddy happy also let me know from the description of the fish if he's in good shape or not considering that he has built his first bubble nest and HOW IN THE WORLD CAN I GET HIM TO EAT SOMETHING ELSE???![IMG class=inlineimg]/images/Bettafish_2016/smilies/tango_face_grin.png[/IMG][IMG class=inlineimg]/images/Bettafish_2016/smilies/tango_face_grin.png[/IMG]

i'll get an proper tank as soon as possible, until then he is the owner of the white bucket

please send me your advices betta gurus[IMG class=inlineimg]/images/Bettafish_2016/smilies/tango_face_surprise.png[/IMG][IMG class=inlineimg]/images/Bettafish_2016/smilies/tango_face_surprise.png[/IMG]

here are some pictures, i took them from above ( a bit hazy, because he's too energetic and doesn't stay put so that i can click pictures)

i was wondering if i can add some water lettuce to aid him with the nest building, let me know if its a good idea or not

i'm eagerly waiting for replies!!!

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