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Plant advice needed

I'm replanting Oscars tank next week, and was wondering what you all would recommend putting in there?
Its a 140L (37g) tank with 10kg blue sand and 5.5kg of multicoloured gravel.

He doesn't live in there alone. He currently has 3 dwarf gourami, 3 honey gourami, 3 rainbow kribs, 9 guppies, 4 keyhole cichlid and 2 bristlenose plec as tankmates. I'll be moving them all to a 302L(80g) tank while I sort out replanting but won't be moving all of them back.
He's lived with them happily for some time now and have only seen him fin nip once. He will chase the guppies but never catches them. He actually gets rather downhearted if he doesn't have his guppy friends around, I noticed this when I moved them to a 54L(14g) tank temporarily a while back.

Obviously it means I'll need plants that are suitable for more than just Oscar.

Many thanks

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