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Break is over and both boys survived the car rides to and from my family home. The plants stayed behind in the dorm without a filter or heater which was a bit worrisome since the location of my tank does not receive much sunlight. Thankfully, the die off was minimal if not non-existent. Lately, I've experienced a few issues which diatoms coating my silk plants but I just left them sitting out of the tank for the week as the bettas wouldn't be missing them. (They were well rinsed before being added back). I'm thinking about moving towards adding more live plants to my tank next semester since I will be in an apartment but we will have to see. I will lively leave the 5.5 gallon at home for breaks with the divider and bring my 10 gallon and 2.5 gallon to my apartment so they can have separate tanks. Perhaps, I'll get another divider for the 10 instead.

Salem's tail is continuing to heal but the car ride was obviously stressful for him. I wish there was a better way to transport bettas without shipping them. Next year might be better since I'll be out of the dorms but for right now both are stuck in the car with me. Fawkes is continuing to grow as well. His tail is done growing for the most part and looks a bit spikey? My guess is he's got a bit of crowntail in him since he shows no signs of bitting or fin rot.
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