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Originally Posted by Amandaortner View Post
I got some Corys for my last betta, who disappeared while I was taking a shower an hour after giving him a new tank, and about 3 weeks after giving him some cories. I have no proof of my assumption, but I believe he jumped out of a TINY space in between the tank & lid (that Iíve covered since then) and into my dogís mouth. Otherwise he got abducted by aliens. I think the behavior was because of stress, as water quality was perfect, it was a nice cycled tank, lots more space, more decor, etc...
So then, after waiting a bit to make sure there was no illness in the tank, I got a new betta. And this morning I saw him chase and nip at one of my cories......
Iím starting to think the idea that bettas donít care about catfish is wrong. But the general consensus is that they donít mind anything that doesnít look like them or like food. Am I wrong? Do I just have the luck of finding grumpy old men juvenile fish?
Quiet likely, I have several Betta Fish. Some such as Ouro lives with 12 Corydoras (6 Sterbai, 6 Pygmy) RCS and Amano.
Kojin on the other hand, will entertain nothing except live plants in his tank. He had body slammed a Yellow Rabbit Snail to death (or took off their antenna and it starved one of the two) as well as taking out numerous RCs, Amano, Nerites

Why is it that you want tank mates? You looking for a clean up crew?

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