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Originally Posted by Ratvan View Post
Quiet likely, I have several Betta Fish. Some such as Ouro lives with 12 Corydoras (6 Sterbai, 6 Pygmy) RCS and Amano.
Kojin on the other hand, will entertain nothing except live plants in his tank. He had body slammed a Yellow Rabbit Snail to death (or took off their antenna and it starved one of the two) as well as taking out numerous RCs, Amano, Nerites

Why is it that you want tank mates? You looking for a clean up crew?

It was equal parts clean up crew and curiosity. I've never had bettas with tankmates before, and I'd seen it many many places that adding cories could be beneficial to the environment. So I thought, they don't seem to mind it (some even say they like it), the cories could be beneficial and serve a purpose, and I've got a good 20 gallon I hadn't been using so why not give it a shot? It seemed like a safe experiment to run.
How can you judge betta behavior prior to adding other life in order to know what personality you have, whether they'll enjoy it (debatable), tolerate it, or completely revolt?

Bettas owned:

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